Thursday, 1 October 2015

October's calendar page..

…and a look at September's completed page.
I am  actually organised this month!
I have gone for an Autumn theme this time.
Some distress ink pads stamped onto an acrylic block and spritzed then pressed onto a lightly misted page to help the colours blend then randomly stamped with Autumn colours using a Crafty Individuals leaf stamp - the trees are from a Sheena Douglas 'Little Bit Sketchy' set
I am definitely in Autumn mode with the way the trees are looking in the sunlight and our new theme at Try It On Tuesday which is Autumn. I am also making some more Autumnal pieces to put around the flat.

Here is my September calendar page filled in

Quite a busy month - self inflicted mainly!!!

I do not link this calendar any more as the only link is on Facebook.

We are planning a walk in the sunshine this afternoon - not sure where yet - we are lucky enough to have several choices!

Thanks for looking, Chris 


butterfly said...

Oh very nice... love the autumn colours and great nature stamping along the bottom. How satisfying it must be to see the days all full up at the end of the month - I remain so impressed by the commitment shown in this particular challenge!
Alison xx

Lynne Moncrieff said...

The nature theme is so beautiful and gorgeous colours. To repeat Alison, I am also so impressed at the commitment involved for this challenge.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I wrote a LONG message, then when I started to publish it, I hit a wrong key or something and it all went into the inter-ether.

First, I want to say how glad I was you mentioned that there are still a few of us who make these calendars who are not on every social media site one can think of. I'm so glad you are still posting, because it gives me courage to do so, too. I'm surprised as many free linking sites as there are, Kate could have easily transitioned to one. I wonder if the cost of the link was the main reason she quit offering it.

Second, your calendar pages are so wonderful, colorful, and always beautiful. I think part of the reason is the size of your calendar. The "journal" I bought (yes bought) two years ago is a Strathmore that has such thin pages, they bleed through to the next page. You can open yours and fill both sides of the page, while mine is marginally too small for using the individual papers to designate each day. Conversely, it would be too large to spread the calendar to both sides of the page with the plastic binder separating the two pages and the days of the week.

Third, your decorations are always great and meet the theme (and color) of the month, rather than what is going on each month. You do such a good job with yours.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog because I was a bit washy about doing this next year. I'm so glad we are both in this together!

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely calendar page for October, great colours. Well done on keeping it up! Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

Both great pages

Love Chrissie xx

Sara Barker said...

Chris, I really love the idea of making a calendar page, and yours is lovely! I would be inspired possibly to keep up with my calendar, if it looked as pretty as this! Thank you for hanging in there with my Halloween box...I know you are not a fan of Halloween, so it is extra special that you left your lovely comment on my blog! Hugs!