Saturday, 31 October 2015


If you stay with me here you may get a surprise!
The real reason for being here is my final page for showing at Art Journal Journey, although I confess it was originally started for my entry in the challenge at the Artistic Stamper, where the theme for October was 'Clocks'
Started with some book page scraps stuck to the page and painted over with watered down paints, I then added the crackle clock and some random text and clock stamping - and stopped…
I have been so taken with the Autumn colours and we have been out and about quite a bit! (More photos straight after this post)
While sorting out some scraps I came across the little napkin house on the left and this small piece of corrugated card. The grand house image transfer was from and advert at the back of a free magazine, from here my idea came together. The Artistic Outpost watch reminded me of where I was brought up in the country! 
I found an interesting fact about the average number of times a person moves in their lifetime - 8 it seems, I have moved 14 times since I was born, so then I thought about where I was happiest and it occurred to me that I have always been happy about where I lived for different reasons!
The Walt Whitman quote sums this up beautifully!

I am getting in(just in time!) 
for the Artistic Stamper Challenge - Clocks

and for my last entry for Sheila's brilliant 'Architecture' challenge at Art Journal Journey 

So, will you be out and about tonight or will 'Strictly' be a better bet?
Either way - I wish you a Strictly Happy Halloween with my two dancing skellies!
 Thanks for looking, Chris


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh this page turned out beautifully! Great - sometimes when an unfinished page rests there come the best ideas after a while! It's the same to me often!
I moved 11 times yet - I had to count it -
and think I was happy on every place I lived in, as well... we are enviable, aren't we?
Happy Hallows Eve Chris! This couple is gorgeous! LOL!
Thank you for all the wonderful support this month again for Art Journal Journey!

sirkkis said...

I really love your beautiful page, Chris. All images, colours and the layout are excellant.
Your joyful skellies are not scaring, love them too ♥
Happy Halloween ♥♥

sirkkis said...

Forgot to say: the quote is brilliant✴
Hugs xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely page, thanks for joining us yet again at AJJ! Great quote, too. Hugs, Valerie

sheila 77 said...

Isn't it good when you can revive an old page. I like your little napkin house and your "grand house". I'm always impressed when picture transfers actually work, and from an advert too, seems like magic. I enjoyed your story around this piece, makes it come alive.
The dancing skellies are fun.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I adore the entire page and love the tape transfer. I've noticed the heavier the original paper is, the better it transfers. I also love your back story and how it fits so well with the quote you used.

You know where I'll be tonight (grin).

Redanne said...

There is a certain haunting beauty and elegance about your page, I think it might be my personal favourite, I just love it! As for the skellies, they are hilarious and such fun, I love them too! Happy Halloween Chris. Hugs, Anne xx

Sarah Anderson said...

haven't the colours been absolutely stunning this autumn! Lovely photos, great journal pages and those skellie did make me smile at the end :)

Meggymay said...

A wonderful journal page Chris, love the quote. Those skeletons look fantastic, they would have made a super couple on tonight's 'Strictly'.
Yvonne xx

chrissie said...

A stunning page and an interesting fact Chris. I stopped counting when I got to 20 moves but I do know people who still live in the same house that they were born in so I guess you and me balance things out

Love the skeletons.

Chrissie xx

Mrs.B said...

Fabulous page Chris, love the images and it's a great quote. Hope your dancing skeletons didn't get too rowdy last night.
Avril xx

~*~Patty S said...

Your page turned out beautifully.
Transfers can give such a nice effect as yours definitely did...perfect words too Chris!
Fun dancing skeletons you created too.
We just set our clocks back last night...darker days of winter will be upon us :-)
Happy November

butterfly said...

What a treat of a post. Firstly, the textural journalling page is fantastic - I love the corrugated panel, the scratchy photo and the napkin illustration... and how funny that we both landed on the Whitman quote at almost exactly the same moment! It does seem as though you're on the move a lot. I'm not sure whether I'm a lot or not... there's always been the same family home somewhere in the background until recently, but I personally have moved so often I've lost count!

And the Strictly Skeletons finished me up with a big smile... I see Halloween has started to infect you whether you like it or not!!
Alison xx