Saturday, 31 October 2015

Autumn is…..photographs(part 1!)

I mentioned in my previous post that we had my son and two of our grandchildren to stay - the only place with enough beds is our caravan - and that we had been out and about!
When they all arrived on Sunday afternoon we set off to Morecambe for a walk along the promenade! It was quite warm but dull but we were able to talk and catch up!

There is an installation that shows and names the mountains you can see in the distance!
We can see the other side of Warton Crag from our caravan
I sneaked through a car park and laid in wait to get this photo of my usually reluctant subjects!!

You may remember me telling you about the 3 storey house we liked the look of - this would have been our view!
Walls are for walking along at the seaside aren't they?
The next day we had a plan to visit Acorn Bank and then found that there were owls at the Rheged centre for the day - as it is only a slight detour we decided to call there for lunch and a little look at the owls and the fabulous print exhibition that was on(I had already been once, but definitely with a second visit)
My GD had her face painted by a very talented lady…..

…and we set off for Acorn Bank, which is a National Trust property near Penrith.
We had been before a couple of years ago in the early Spring when the woods are carpeted in snowdrops. This time there was a Halloween Trail that we enjoyed following.
I will try to let you wander along without words!

The end of the trail - we had to go inside to find the little girl's Teddy Bear
  After a quick visit to the Tea Room (more another day!!)we set off in a different direction to visit the fairy walk and the mill.

This door had little stairs inside!

This stream led to the water mill
By now it was getting quite dark so we made our way back to the carpark...
 …and watched the moon rise on our way back down the motorway.

I'll be back with day 3 another time!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Juliz Design Post said...

Super photos TFS, Julie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a fun two days the children and your son must have had. At least one of the usually reluctant subjects looked like he caught you hiding, though.

I suspect this was an unusually fun and unique adventure for the children. Nature is always a great place to explore, and children are often so receptive.

The face painting was wonderful and your granddaughter is beautiful. I simply adore these armchair visits I get to take with you and I didn't even get cold or have to put on my coat! Thanks for sharing your beautiful and fun photos.

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you all had big fun, thanks for sharing the photos. Hugs, Valerie

Helen said...

I love the photos - what a fabulous looking place, you all had such fun!

Meggymay said...

Looks like you had a lovely time with the family Chris, all great photos.
Yvonne xx

Crafty She said...

Fabulous photos Chris. xxx

chrissie said...

Wonderful photographs. We went to Morecambe a few weeks and I hadn't been there for years-I loved it then and now.

So pleased to know that Acorn Bank is still going strong. We used to go there years ago and it was always a special place. At that time they were just creating little walks and places of interest for children.I think there was a Marie Curie home or something there when we used to go.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Love Chrissie xx

Lynn Holland said...

A little dicky bird tells me you are having a visitor this week and are going to the fabulous Farfield Mill.
Wonder which little blonde bird told me that haha. Hope you have a good time
Lynn x

~*~Patty S said...

Such a delight to be able to see some of your adventures.
That fairy wood is wonderful!
What a pretty butterfly your gd makes ♥
I am imagining that lovely Halloween meadow sprinkled with snowdrops = oh my what a vision that must be!
Thank you for and my traveling armchair are happy now :-)

butterfly said...

What a wonderful outdoor playtime you've all been having! Love the butterfly-girl look, and the spooky Halloween walk looks as though it was full of unpleasant surprises... and glorious tree silhouettes - thank you for those stunning photos in particular. The bright moon two nights ago, coupled with the fog, really made it as bright as day - waking me up at about 3am convinced it was morning!
Alison xx