Thursday, 29 November 2012

My angels!

My angels have now flown and have reached their new owners so I can show you  them now.
This is Amelie who is now living with Jo of Jozart, see her lovely blog here....
...and this is Avril who flew all the way to Canada to live with Famfa (who by the way also has lovely blog)  
Both of these angels were inspired by the work of Annette Emms who had an article in Stitches Magazine and who also has a blog here - it's well worth a look at some of her older posts too!

They are a combination of needle felting and sewing(with just a little touch of glue). I loved making them so much that two more are in the pipeline.

You may have noticed that they have French names - just a litle pre-occupied with France at the moment - He! He!
Thanks for looking, Chrisx


Annie said...

Those are both so lovely Chris. I'm still waiting for my second angel and the suspense is killing me :-)
A x

Cath Wilson said...

Love your angels - presumably part of the lovely Jo's swap? Thanks for the lovely comment and lucky you, being in my favourite city!! I was there for a day and passed through twice earlier in the year but oh, how I envy you at this time of year. Are the braziers and chestnuts on the streets yet? I bet it's COLD! I remember just how cold it was there - I'd never experienced anything like it and I'm from the North West... have a lovely, lovely time x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh yes! Cold and chestnuts roasting! Beautiful lights and window displays! Pics on blog when I get back. Chrisx

famfa said...

Thank you for the lovely mention. W love your Angel in this house and one of my sons said we had to put her on our ee when we get it next weekend. I will make sure I take a photograph of her on the tree and send it to you. I can't believe the work you put into it. She is very precious. What shall I do with all the lovely bits you sent too? They are so lovely. Xx