Monday, 27 May 2019

T Stands for....this and that!

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the kind words last week! I am still waiting for lab results but I am on stronger antibiotics and I do feel just a little bit better today so hopefully I am on the mend!!!

I have been distracting myself in my craft room!
Today I decided to clean off my plastic lid palette... hasn't been cleaned for a while and I usually do it by lifting off the paint on clear tape to use in my journals...with the paint build up it caused the paint to lift and peel!
I spotted that the larger piece looked like I made a journal page!

I stamped some Crafty Individual trees across the page and then added the peel, along with some saved tape and some bits from the edges! I tore the tape to make sea at the bottom of the 'cliffs'.
Birds were added and a quote from part of a Tim Holtz phrase seemed to fit perfectly
I am going to add this to Art Journal Journey and Erika's theme 'In The Sky/In The Air'

My balcony plants have been going crazy!
This one flowered at Christmas and is now producing more flowers although some leaves have fallen off!
This one has been producing flowers since the end of November and has always had at least one flower since then...
...although they are dying off now!

The Kalanchoe flowered and after I had picked off the dead heads has gone on to produce far more!!

I haven't been out much lately - apart from going to my son's to feed and play with his cat! I realised I haven't taken any photos yet! My eldest is now the proud owner of a small manor in France and has gone out to do some work on it!

Before I really started to be in constant pain with this UTI hubby and I had coffee at Booths in Carnforth, so I will make this my opportunity to join Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For 

Mine is an Americano, no sugar, and his is a Cappuccino which I would have loved but I am having to watch my sugar levels! 

Thanks for looking, I'll be here shortly with my piece for TIOT's new theme!

I can also announce that the Crafty Individuals shows with some really lovely new stamps will be on Hochanda TV next Monday and Tuesday...sneaky peeks coming soon!!!

 See you soon! Chris


Divers and Sundry said...

I hope your lab results show improvement and that you are completely well soon. Your plants are gorgeous! I've never had luck with the Christmas cactus (and other similar plants) and finally gave up trying. The same with Kalanchoe. Anything that thinks it might even tend a little bit towards being similar in any way to a succulent lol, they die at my hands. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful blooms.

Happy T Day!

Eileen Bergen said...

I'm in awe of how you made a page inspired by peeled up paint, Chris! It's terrific. Your flowering plants are absolutely beautiful!! I hope you feel well soon.

Happy T-day! Eileen xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your journal page is incredible. What a great way to save paint, even paint that has dried on plastic. Turning it into art is ingenious. I love it. With the gorgeous birds in the sky, it is perfect for Erika's theme at Art Journal Journey.

I am in awe of your flowering plants. I had a Kalanchoe for years, but it died and I haven't had one for about three years. Yours is beautiful. I've never seen those colors in the Kalanchoe before, though.

You and T seem to be very happy with your drink choices. That Americano looks a bit like I drink my coffee, only I use more half and half (single cream) than yours has.

Thanks for sharing your art, your flowers, and your coffees with us for T this Tuesday, dear friend.

Kate Yetter said...

I would never think to lift the paint of with tape to reuse. What a great idea and a fabulous journal page. I love the gold!
Your flowers are so pretty.
So glad you are feeling better.
Happy Tea Day,

kathyinozarks said...

Wow what a very cool way to lift off that paint and then recycle into another project-love that! thanks for sharing.
Enjoyed your pretty flowers-hope too you are on the mends-hugs Happy T Kathy

Halle said...

Your journal page is very cool. A brilliant way to use the paint peels. I've saved a few in the past but never ended up using them for anything. I am going to have to remember this idea for journal pages.
Happy T day!

My name is Erika. said...

That is really fabulous piece of art today Chris. I can't believe you made that cliff from dried paint. And the stamped images you add really finished it off. It is really gorgeous. I bet you are planning to go visit the manor in France. Hope you feel better soon. I can't imagine having a UTI is fun. Huge thanks for your latest AJJ piece. Happy T day too. Hugs-Erika

Helen said...

I know several people who save their paint skins and you've used it to good effect, on this fab page. Hope the UTI clears up soon. I bet you are excited for when you can visit your son's French manor!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better. Love that journal page, great idea with the painty bits from the lid. Your flowers are doing really well, which I can't say for some of mine! And the coffee and cappuccino look splendid. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

johanna said...

must keep that tape-cleaning in mind, the result is wonderful! i only did this with the gelli so far.
take care and all the best - happy t-day, johanna

Linda Kunsman said...

I just cleaned off my glass palette which was caked with paint- but I never thought to repurpose it so cleverly as you did! Hope you feel much better real soon. How exciting for your son to have a home in France! I'm sure you'll be visiting lots:) Happy T day!

Lisca said...

Oh poor you! I had to go back several blog posts to find out what was ailing you. I hope the meds are doing its job and you soon feel better.
What a great idea to use the dried paint as a 'rock' making a journal page. What a result!
Your coffee and cappuccino look scrumptious and it is great to see your hubby smiling.
Happy T-Day,

Let's Art Journal said...

Such a fabulous page! Such a great way to use those paint pieces - amazing! I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and I wish you a speedy recover ūüėä. Take care and wishing you well! Happy T Day! Jo x

Meggymay said...

I have been catching up on your posts Chris, it was good to read that you are feeling a bit better, I hope the results will be okay.
I love how you used the paint in the journal, now thats what I call recycling.
The plants and blooms look so pretty as well.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

CJ Kennedy said...

I never would have thought of using the paint peelings as art elements. Very clever. I hope you are feeling better. Happy T Day

Sharon Madson said...

What a great idea, to use the paint peels on a journal page. Love that you did that! Adds a lot of texture. I hope you are feeling well. I will have to check out the new TIOT theme. Happy Day!

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Lovely artwork and photos. Your flowering plants are beautiful. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Happy T-Day!

Caty said...

Your art journal page is so Gorgeous Chris !! What a good idea to use the paint peelings, incredible !! Love the trees and the birds of the sky.
Your plants are amazing, and the flowers so beautiful.
Happy belated T-day (sorry I´m late visiting)
I hope you ´ll feeling better very soon, and I wish you a very nice Friday.
Big hugs, Caty

butterfly said...

What a fabulously creative page - your paint chip cliff face is magnificent.
Alison x