Tuesday, 26 June 2018

T Stands for - taking a break

Hi everyone, we went off for a break last week - we couldn't even wait for the weekend - we needed that break so much!

We went to our caravan and pottered in the garden, did a bit more painting, had a few walks and found that the Silverdale Art and Craft trail was on, so on Saturday we went across to Arnside for lunch and a wander!

I have admired the work of an artist called Jan Huntley-Peace for a few years now - I now own one of her beautiful ceramic brooches!
Hubby had pointed out her bird brooches and I was just looking but just a little way past the birds were some very eye catching brooches - in fact they had eyes on them - there were four and I had almost made my mind up when Jan pointed out some more on a window sill.
Now, I don't usually like lone eyes in art whether in pairs or singly but this brooch has come home with me (still in it's box)and I absolutely adore it - you will have to see if my journal pages are influenced! 

We stopped off for a coffee at Beetham Garden Centre on the way back to the caravan, so it is here I will join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday.

Hubby had a Hot Chocolate and I had an Americano.
The garden at the caravan is looking OK still....
 These two plants were buried in the hedge and are thriving now!

 The bees are going to love this....
 ...and the mint that I have let run wild as there were so many bees on it last year.
I was inspired to make a journal page with a tissue handkerchief and some stamped and cut flowers, I put them onto a Brusho background  and added just a few more flowers and some text - and a quote that sort of summed it up!
This is of course for Art Journal Journey and Gill's 'Inspired By' theme.

On our way home we drove through Morecambe where the noisy Kite Festival was taking place. We got to see lots of kites though!

Here is one of the bird sculptures that Morecambe is famous for!

We have come back refreshed but we are still busy and the garden problems here continue to be a problem. Hubby is out watering at the moment and someone from management has been gardening all day - it will get sorted soon we hope!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Annie said...

Your brooch is fabulous Chris and I love the air of mystery it creates x Your garden is looking fabulous and that journal page is beautiful too x
When I saw the Kite's I was reminded about a brilliant book I read called The Kite Runner xx

TFS and best wishes
Annie x

Helen said...

the kites look fantastic against the blue sky; and your caravan garden is lovely.

Divers and Sundry said...

I like your brooch. It can be hard to choose, can't it! You'll have bee heaven with those flowers :) Happy T Tuesday

Linda Kunsman said...

Glad you got some time away again cuz you sure have been busy with your hosting duties on the blogs:) How cool to own a piece of someone's art you admire so. Love your blooming journal page-the flowers sure are such wonderful inspiration aren't they. And hubby is really enjoying his chocolate drink isn't he:):) Happy T day!

Meggymay said...

Chris its a fantastic broach it must have been hard to choose, Your journal page looks beautiful and so do the photos from your garden.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

jinxxxygirl said...

I like the brooch that came home with you. Its very unique and special just like you! I hope you wear it. Those kites are fabulous! I see Where's Waldo!!! lol Happy T day!! Hugs! deb

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I can see why that brooch caught your eye, Chris. (Double entendre intended.) It really is eye-catching. Sorry - sometimes I just can't stop myself.

Boy, do I know that feeling of "just have to get away." I'm counting the days to a trip to Texas in September. I'm glad you had a nice break at the caravan. The garden there looks great and the views are spectacular.

Your flowers page is lovely and quite inspiring. It inspires me smile to look at it.

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, what a beautiful brooch! I know what you mean about eyes but there is something about the look on this piece which is magical - I love it :-) . Your gardens are looking lovely too and it was great visiting Morecombe with you! Happy T Day! J x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I apologize for visiting late, but this has been a very emotional day in my world. That brooch is stunning. I promise to NOT tell any eye-catching puns, but simply admire its beauty.

What a fun drive home with the kites. I've never seen anything like it before. I'm pleased you took photos.

Your caravan garden is lovely from all angles. I can see why you like it there.

I also enjoyed your fabulous journal page. It was fun and to the point. I enjoyed the fact you also shared it with us for Art Journal Journey.

I really LOVED the photo of T with his hot chocolate, and I enjoyed seeing how the overhead slats showed in your Americano. Thanks for sharing these lovely times, your beautiful art, and your drinks with us for T this Tuesday.

My name is Erika. said...

That is an amazing brooch. I am glad you spoiled yourself. :) And your garden looks beautiful. I still think you have a fantastic view. I think I would need a getaway all the time with that view. You made a gorgeous summer page. I just love the flowers. happy belated T day. Hugs-Erika

Sharon Madson said...

What a fun adventure! Lovely photos, and journal page. Thanks for sharing your getaway break with us! Happy T Day!

Valerie-Jael said...

I'm sure you really needed another break! Glad you got to see plenty of lovely things. Great journal page, happy T Day, Valerie

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

What an amazing brooch, I live eyes drawing them daily in all shapes and sizes. How lucky you are to own such a beauty.
Fabulous Kite pictures, what a sight to see albeit noisey so pretty against the blue sky.
Love your inspired by journal page. Summer really is here.
Creative Hugs Tracey x

Dianne said...

such a gorgeous and unique brooch, it will be a conversation-starter for sure! your garden at the caravan looks wonderful, and your journal page is delightfully colorful! always love seeing flowers, real or created. I think I spied "where's Waldo?" and a unicorn in the mass of fun!

froebelsternchen said...

Wow, what a beautiful brooch, gorgeous and unique!
I love the kite pictures and your beautiful garden!
And the wonderful page just makes me happy and I am very pleased you linked it to Art Journal Journey dear Chris!Thank you very much!
Hugs, Susi

johanna said...

my visitor has left and i can make my belated t-day blog tour.
this brooch is a hoot - i would have bought it, too! i really like this eye...
such a nice Caravan garden, and the photos of the kites are great... so nice how they float in the wind...
have a great week, Chris!

kathyinozarks said...

Wow your much needed break sounded awesome-an art walk and balloons-so fun! and I do love your art piece you came home with.
I love your gardens-your husbands hot chocolate sounds delicious to me this morning-Happy T Day-hugs Kathy

Kate Yetter said...

WOW! That brooch is indeed beautiful and eye catching! I would probably put it in a place where I could stare at it all the time. Your gardens are so pretty and full. I love how it fills up your backyard. And you have a lovely view.
I really like all those flowers on your journal page. Perfect for summer.
Happy Belated Tea Day,

Mrs.B said...

A fabulous brooch, so unusual, and I love the floral journal page with it's mix of flowers.
The photos of the kite festival look fun, so very unusual looking kites.
Avril xx

Gibby Frogett said...

Fabulous and unique brooch Chris.
Your caravan garden and view is awesome - glad you had a nice break.
Thanks once again for linking another beautiful page to AJJ - they are gorgeous flowers and colours and such nice words - really happy and summery:)
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Gill x

CJ Kennedy said...

Somehow I missed your post this week. Wonderful brooch. The blue is so striking. Your garden looks lovely. I haven't seen many bees around. the kite festival looks so fun. Looking at the first photo, I thought I found Waldo. And I did! Hope you are having a good week.