Tuesday, 14 November 2017

T Stands For….to Bordeaux and beyond!

Continuing our France trip….
We left Albi and went to Bordeaux on a fine day.
 The train line ran alongside the Canal du Midi for a while...

past some interesting sights…
…and we finally reached the vineyards of the Bordeaux area.
Once we arrived in Bordeaux it was a short walk to the apartment we were renting.
We were pleased to have a shutter to keep out some of the sun that shone every day we were there.
On our first morning we headed down to see Le Mirroir d'eau.
When we got there we were disappointed to find that there was no water but just as we were thinking it must only be a Summer thing we saw water coming towards us on both sides!
 There are some very arty looking seats. 

Lots of people sitting on them stayed put with their feet up but this young man took the opportunity to take photographs of his partner.
The buildings in the background are government buildings.
As we were walking away I spotted the clouds reflected in this corner. By this time there were a lot more people too!
Bordeaux is beautiful city - I showed you some photos here

We spent quite a long time watching this being created
The skateboarders were only too happy to show off their skills too!
They were in the square outside the Cathedral, which is beautiful..

 ..but this was the part I was most interested in - the doors are at the Royal doorway that would have been used by Eleanor of Aquitaine on her marriage to Louis VII of France

The original cathedral walls finished where the people are standing.

The Royal entrance from the outside
By this time we were in need of a drink - we called to a community area where there were information leaflets for locals and a cinema as well as a bar.

Hubby had gone for……err…a natural break, I was quite surprised when I went into the toilet myself

We went on our way past this amazing display

I realise that my post title is a little over ambitious - I didn't realise I had taken so many photos in Bordeaux so instead of moving on I will remind you that Try It On Tuesday still has another week  for the 'Home Sweet Home' theme 

My journal page is also for AJJ and my 101 Ways to Keep Warm which is open until the end of the month.

Thank you so much for your support and for visiting today! Chris 


Linda Kunsman said...

I'll begin with the last- your journal page is perfectly cozy and inviting.

The cathedral- wow- stunning!!! Love the water flow display and how you wonderfully captured the clouds reflection. Would LOVE to see Bordeaux some day...we just had hubby's fave Bordeaux wine last eve for dinner:):) That wall of framed photos is brilliant! And I agree with you-many of the bathrooms (toilet rooms)in France are not to be overlooked:) Thanks for sharing more of your awesome trip and happy T day!

Helen said...

what a fabulous post! so glad to be seeing lots more pics from your holiday - LOVE the reflections of the clouds - and even the people who add to it - I think that is my favourite. Bordeaux cathedral is glorious.

Valerie-Jael said...

Great post. Love the photos of Bordeaux, what a lot to see and experience there. Michel's Bistrot is fantastic. Great journal page, too, I'm all for staying in the warm with a good book! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Rike said...

It is really a good way to keep warm while staying at home, sitting on a cosy sofa and remembering all these beautiful places! Wonderful photos from your visit at Bordeaux!
Rike x

Meggymay said...

Awesome photos of the trip Chris. Its years since we visited that area and you brought so many memories back.
I love the journal page a warm comfy chair and a good book sounds good to me.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed the photos of Bordeaux. I was especially pleased to see the Le Mirroir d'eau. I thought it was the highlight of the day, then I saw you found the cathedral where your favorite queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine was married. No wonder you chose Bordeaux as one of your stops in France.

Again, I'm always in awe that you are served GLASS bottles. That still just blows my mind. I really, really love the loo, too.

I really enjoyed your AJJ entry. I love how you positioned the books, too. Thanks for sharing Bordeaux, the restaurant where you had a cola, and your lovely journal page with us for T this Tuesday.

johanna said...

a wonderful mix of old and modern! of course love old cathedrals, but also street art and the "natural-break-place", haha! i wonder how the Pictures above the Bistrot stay safe when it rains...
and not to Forget: your journaling page is wonderful!!
happy t-day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I forgot to mention that the second photo reminds me of what I think of when I think of a gypsy camp.

Let's Art Journal said...

What a stylish place you visited on your travels, those seats and mirror reflections of the sky are amazing! The cathedral is stunning too and the café you found with all the decor inside and out is fantastic 😁. Sending you Happy T Day wishes! J 😊

Halle said...

So much to see...I thoroughly enjoyed this post. The critters in the bathroom would have been quite the surprise. :)
Happy T day!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

An adorable journal page just perfectly cozy and inviting and all those fantastic photos from this AMAZING trip! Wonderful!
Happy T-Day my friend!
oxo Susi

kathyinozarks said...

I loved your journal page too--and I loved the trip photos-I was thinking about the water-how did that work-did someone just add water to that area? very interesting city I always enjoy your trip posts Happy T Day Kathy

Erika N said...

Am enjoying your photos from your trip. :) The train ride looks interesting and wow- those buildings. I love the reflection on Le Mirroir d'eau. It very cool, and the old building behind it is pretty beautiful also. Hope there is still more to see another day. Happy T day Chris. Hugs-Erika
Oh yes, and I love your latest journal page. It's one of my favorite things to do. :) Especially if there is a nice warm wood stove going next to my chair.

Divers and Sundry said...

That cathedral! Inspiring!

I got a kick out of the animal drawings in the little toilet room. It's nice to see some attention to the less public areas.

CJ Kennedy said...

I love tagging along on your trips. So much art everywhere you look. My favorite was the clouds in the reflecting pool. The animal murals on the wall of the restroom made me smile. But being home, I'll have to follow the advice of your journal page with a slight change. Stay in the warm and read a good blog. Happy T Day

Krisha said...

Thank you for sharing the Bordeaux trip, I enjoyed your photos very, very much. The cathedral is truly amazing and beautiful!
Happy T-day....that was some toilet!!!

jinxxxygirl said...

Love your journal page Chris.. it fits perfectly with the theme.. What a bathroom ... I think that would have made me smile.. Thank you so much for the photo journey.. I love seeing everything. Hugs! deb

Rita said...

OMGosh! What beauty!! But it is always good to be back home. :)

Kate said...

A beautiful city! And a good book and a cup of tea certainly keep me warm!
Have a happy tea,

Pamellia Johnson said...

What a beautiful place to visit! I would love to go to a vineyard, how amazing does that look! That Cathedral is amazing, what incredible architecture! Love your armchair page! Couldn't agree more about the reading, I just picked up a couple of new Christmas books for the holiday season. A fire in the fireplace, some holiday music, the lights twinkling on the tree, a glass of wine and a Christmas book... oh how I love winter!! hugs :)

Pamellia Johnson said...

PS... the only thing missing is the snow! lol

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Thank you for the photo tour of Bordeaux. It truly is a beautiful city judging from your pictures. You got some really outstanding shots, Chris! Catching the skateboarder in mid air and the reflection of clouds on Le Mirroir d'eau. That must have been quite a moment when the water came sweeping around you. What wonderful timing!

Your journal page is lovely. I like the stack of books as a place for text -perfect. Thanks for the reminder about the challenges with time remaining. I hope to get back to participating.

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

Dianne said...

oh my goodness, that is a breathtaking cathedral! love all your fun photos!