Tuesday, 21 November 2017

T Stands for……the rest of Bordeaux

I hadn't realised that I had taken so many photos in Bordeaux and tonight I am going to use some of hubby's as well!
Did I tell you that we loved Bordeaux? Oh Yes!!!!
On our second full day (the day of the fall!) we were getting ready to go out when we heard music coming from outside..
…a small group  of strikers heading for a gathering in the square farther up the road! The music was calypso music coming from the back of the van.
We headed for the Capucins market - our concierge had recommended we go!

 Hubby's favourite stall!
This was mine….
…or was it this one?
 There were lots of cafes inside the market 
 It was taking this photo of one of the Gormley statues that caused me to lag behind, chase to catch hubby up and trip over a metal divider on the edge of a carpark that was being updated - I had thought I was going onto a kerb when in fact there were deep ruts with metal dividers for car park spaces!
 We(I)hobbled back to our apartment for First Aid treatment(I'll spare you the blood!)…and a coffee.
After a little rest we walked up to the square for lunch and I am joining Elizabeth and 'the boys' for T Stands for Tuesday.
I must also apologise for not visiting every one last week - we had childminding duties and also a funeral to attend and once away at our caravan here is little chance of any connection! I'll try to do better this week!

 Hubby had coke and I had tonic water as well as tap water (it was a very hot day!)
Delicious Duck with salad and a ton of frites!!!

After this we went to the Museum of Aquitaine but I will save that for a post of it's own another time.

I want to show you something a little more up to date!
There is a lot of work going on around the Cite du Vin museum….
..this one may be the next to go!!
The museum itself is impressive...
It was too late in the day to do anything other than wander around the public areas - we will have to go back!!!

On our way back we walked past these fountains - they will appear in a future  post too!
As it is past my bedtime  - and now officially Tuesday here I shall say 'Goodnight' and I'll see you in a few hours time with my TIOT/AJJ page!

Happy T Day and Thanks for looking! Chris


My name is Erika. said...

Oh yes. Do go back Chris so that you can show us more photos. The market looks fantastic, and that last museum, what a building. I think your meal looks good too. I've never had duck before. Happy T day Chris. Hugs-erika

Linda Kunsman said...

I could never see enough of your amazing vacation in France Chris, and I do thank you so much for taking all the time to go thru and post your pics-much appreciated!
My fave stall would be the same as yours:)
And what a large portioned meal the two of you had! Guessing you injuries were minor thank goodness.
Happy T day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

My keyboard is having a PMS hissy fit today, and refuses to work much of the time. I would LOVE to leave you a personal message like you are used to from me, but it took nearly 30 minutes to write my last "real" message. Fortunately, my mouse still works well, so I can copy and paste this generic message to you. So, I will just wish all my U. S. friends a very happy Thanksgiving and EVERYONE a very happy T Tuesday.

Helen said...

I would love to see more - hope you have a few days at home and free time so you can share more photos!! so much to drool over (not only the frites!) You and hubby take excellent photos. love the museum and the fountain and (you know me and fountains)

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful photos, love the buildings, and of course all that lovely food, sigh! Sorry you fell and hurt yourself. The fountains look spectacular. You really had a great time there, that's evident. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

OMG fantastic france photos - wonderful buildings and that food! Tempting! Thanks for sharing the trip with us! Happy T-Day Chris!

Meggymay said...

More wonderful photos Chris, you must spend hours reliving your trip when you sort through your photos to share with us.
The food looked delicious.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

What an amazing place, I can see why you both love it so! The market looked an amazing place with all the different food stalls and the museum and architecture is so beautiful too 😁. I hope you are now fully recovered after your fall, it sounded very painful! Your duck, salad and frites was a great choice - yummy! Wishing you a happy T Day! J 😊

CJ Kennedy said...

What a fun market. Loved the picture of your hubby. Aren't you done taking pictures? I'm hungry, I want to eat! :-D At least that's what I'd get. And I don't blame your Hubby. That duck looks delicious. Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures of Bordeaux. Happy T Day!

Carol said...

I so love all of your travel photos ♥♥ Such beautiful places and the market was divine. Sorry about your fall ♥ I spend a lot of time on the ground looking up and wondering what happened. Klutz is my true calling LOL! Can't wait for more photos of your visit.

jinxxxygirl said...

Love seeing your travel photos Chris... You travel more than i will ever get a chance to.. LOVE that fountain at the end of your post.. reminds me of one in Kaiserslautern Germany years ago.. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

Divers and Sundry said...

I just love these opportunities for virtual travel :) I look forward to more. And more! Thx :)

Happy T Tuesday

Lisca Meijer said...

I so love seeing your travel potos. Keep them coming please!
That Capuccin market looks great. Did you buy anything?
And did you go into the cité du vin museum in the end or is that for a future trip?
Your duck meal looks delicious.
Looking forward to seeing the Acquitaine museum son.
Happy T-Day,

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Bordeaux looks fascinating and well-worth a second trip, Chris. I hope you can return (and share more wonderful photos with us ;-). I'm thoroughly enjoying all your France photos since I doubt I'll have a chance to go there in person.

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

kathyinozarks said...

I really enjoyed this tour-thank you so much. wow the food looks so delicious, and I would have loved the market-especially the cheese.
thanks Happy T Day Kathy

Denise Price said...

That Capuchin Market looks mouthwatering! Glad you had such a nice time in Bordeaux. Happy T Day. :)

Kate said...

That duck is so yummy but that cheese...One can never have enough cheese! Happy Tea Day,

johanna said...

wonderful photos again, and i LOVE markets! seems i could spend whole days there.
hope everything runs smooth for you, take care!
xo, johanna

Dianne said...

oh dear, I hope you are healed from your 'trip-up'! and you were having such a lovely day...:( your photos are always so much fun to see...that new museum is amazing! your food sure looks yummy...any good stories about the 'child-minding?' ;) do take care, sorry to be so late for tea! ♥