Tuesday, 3 May 2016

T stands for…the street art of Paris

It might also stand for "This could take some time!" I have just been sorting through my photos and it seems I just love taking photos of Paris!! 

I have tried to keep these in some sort of order and will label where I can, but these were often taken  quickly before I had to run to catch the other three up!

First of all this rusty looking sculpture at la Defence, (Elizabeth you may now recognise this!!)I almost squealed when I saw it - I am sure it wasn't there last time we went.
I hate people being in my photos but we were on the move!

We saw this old building and thought it interesting but it was only when we got close that we saw the art work on the walls. The building is an old waterworks

Not strictly art but I love this little pathway

 We were watching the traffic while waiting to meet up with SIL and BIL when we looked up and saw this
Not so much traffic - this is where we went on the Night Of Music last June
This is in Chinatown - quite close to our hotel
My SIL and I did not like this spiky look at all
You may have seen these before - they can be seen from the Promenade Plantee
Now, if you have got this far you are probably thirsty and because my main reason for being here is to join Elizabeth for Tea Stands for Tuesday. I will share a drink and a crepe with you…and more art..

After our walk on Thursday (to the Promenade Plantee and then across the Seine and back over another bridge we headed for the hotel with a plan to eat on the way back - we had quite a large meal midday so were looking for something light - found this creperie just as the owner arrived. A really pleasant young man and a very good crepe maker!
Not only that he was an artist and musician. When we went in we were his only customers but the place quickly filled up!
I manage to get some photos of the art on the walls(with his permission to put them on my blog) before it became too full.

The menu also reflected his hobbies

 The dessert menu that we passed on...
I haven't forgotten…this is my savoury crepe and my coke.

Thanks for staying with me, Chris


Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful art, photos and food! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Helen said...

love all the street art, and the crepe looks yummy! thanks for sharing.

Krisha said...

What a fantastic post Chris!! I loved EVERY picture...well except for the spiky building...LOL! It looked very out of place.
Happy T-day

chrissie said...

Amazing photographs and a lot of them nothing like the Paris I recall.. Thank you for sharing them

Love Chrissie xx

Linda Kunsman said...

I don't recall that sculpture either-interesting. L-O-V-E all your gorgeous Paris photos!!! I much prefer the old things though versus that spiky stuff all over that one building. The crepe place was a perfect find for you-thanks so much for sharing the art, the menu:), and that delicious looking crepe. Happy T day!

Meggymay said...

Delicious food and menu Chris. The photos are all wonderful, although I am not so keen on modern buildings like the one with the spikes.
Yvonne xx

Carol said...

Love all of the awesome photos! It was like I just took a mini vacation to Paris. I"m not real fond of the spiky building either. Looks like something out of a science fiction movie :(
The crepe and the restaurant look amazing ♥ Thanks so much for sharing ♥

JoZart Quilts said...

Just back from visiting Dolores in Kent so I'm catching up and loving sharing every bit of your trip. Great alternative view of Paris.... makes such a change.
Jo x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Where do I begin? I simply ADORE your photos of Paris that are probably not on anyone else's tour. That's why I love traveling alone. You are in control of what, when, where, and how long you see it. Unlike most, I enjoyed every photo, including the spiked place. Can't say I would want to live there, but it is SO different from any building I have ever seen. Maybe I should say I APPRECIATED it. After all, art is in the eye of the beholder. And yes, I also nearly yelled with glee when I saw the rusty sculpture, too.

I can't begin to imagine a better place to have a bite to eat. This creperie was meant to discover you, I believe. And, as we've discussed before, the idea of glass coke bottles still blows my mind.

Thanks for sharing your crepe and coke, along with your beautiful photos of Paris with us for T this Tuesday. I am so in awe of these places you saw as you were walking.

~*~Patty S said...

Ooohhh squeal Chris!!!
Had to click on each photo for a better lookie look.
Wonderful photos...thank you so much for taking the time to share them with us!
I wonder what it's like looking OUT of the spikey building windows?
Paris is such a fascinating and lively place isn't it.
I got great neck exercise taking in so many wonderful sights.
All of your photos are new to me.
I will be sure and have Mr M have a look too tomorrow.
It's almost bedtime and I'm hungry for a crepe...savory or sweet always a treat ♥ thank you for sharing that too.
(((hugs))) and Happy T Day oxo
almost forgot to ask about the red fountain in Chinatown...we saw those around town and wondered if the water is for drinking?

Brenda Brown said...

Fabulous photos Chris which brought back memories of my visit to that wonderful city four years ago. Love the art you have shared and the historical architecture. Xxx

My name is Erika. said...

I love seeing these kinds of photos. I seem to remember lots of street art when I was there years ago, but it is so much fun to see your photos. Its like going back again. And yum. That savory crepe looks delicious. :)Erika

butterfly said...

Fabulous street art from Paris - I adore the crumpled rusty sculpture and the amazing dilapidated waterworks. And it looks as though you found a highly artistic place to take your break... crepes and creativity - what a great combination. Brilliant to see these, thank you for sharing them.
Alison x

Sandy said...

Loved all of your pictures and have always loved pictures of food!
Sandy xx

Redanne said...

Fabulous photos Chris, I love that rusty statue at the beginning and the street art looks amazing. Love that building with the 'flourish' decoration on the side and sorry, but I love the spiky building, it is so different! Well done you for getting so many great shots! Hugs, Anne xx

Mrs.B said...

Great photos Chris.
Avril xx

~*~Patty S said...

Came back to show Jim and we enjoyed your photos SO very much Chris!
We were saying how we could have talked for days with you both.
Thank you for the memories.
Hugs to Tony.

Dianne said...

Oh WOW. Marvelous!!! Love it all...

Christine said...

What a super post! Love those statues above the Police Station. Our New Library in town looks like the spiky building ... we're not keen on the library either!!!
One of the things I love about Paris is the artwork - wherever they can!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing.

Dianne said...

Oh WOW. Marvelous!!! Love it all...