Tuesday, 31 May 2016

T Stands for……Taking a walk...

… be precise two walks! 

The first is my journal page about one of our walks that we often take while staying at our caravan and it is the last chance I have to join in at Art Journal Journeys with Erika's fabulous theme - 'Journeys'

We love to watch the wading birds that are often on the beach away from the town.
Of course in the town there is the statue of Eric Morecambe which a few months ago was knocked off it's plinth - it has been replace now but I'd like to think that while Eric was freed he got a chance to go along and see the birds.

The second walk is one we took yesterday - it was a lovely warm afternoon and we went by the River Mersey, just a short walk away from our flat.

Hubby often goes out walking on his own if I am…as he says…'stuck in my craft room'! He has been exploring and yesterday we went under the motorway bridge in the opposite direction to the village we go and visit. He told me that this path eventually leads to the water park that we drive to so maybe one day we will take a picnic and walk the whole way.
The houses are almost built now

This is the island that gets covered in Winter-there is a family of geese at the far end on the left - we will see them again soon!
The river meanders quite bit here but looks beautiful and the hedgerows have such beautiful flowers in them

We retraced our steps and saw another family of geese - 3 adults and 3 goslings
Edit- when I saw them I counted 3 - Tony took my phone off me as he is taller but I didn't notice that he captured more then I could see!
When we reached the island again - having crossed a bridge to the other side we saw that the family we saw earlier had come to be fed by a little girl.
There are around twelve adult geese and nine goslings
Just as we were about to leave the side of the Mersey for home we saw a duck and her young.

 Now, if you are wondering where I am going to get my drink so that I can join Elizabeth at The Altered Booklover - I am going to Marks and Spencers(for those of not in the UK - M and S as it is also known, is a department store that also sells good food)

This was our treat after we had been to the cinema the other week - Coffee and a fruit scone for me, hubby had tea and a very sticky looking slice of cake. We had also shared a pack of sandwiches.

Thanks for looking, Chris


Dianne said...

always enjoy your photos Chris! so now I have an image to go with the song lyrics 'ferry across the Mersey'...? looks like it was a lovely outing and enjoyed seeing all the geese and ducks! Will the area change a lot when those new buildings are full of people? you will keep us posted I hope. Happy T day...that scone looks heavenly!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now THAT looks like a scone! It is wonderful looking.

How sad that the Morecambe statue had been damaged. I had never heard of him until I read about him on your blog several months ago, and am delighted to know his statue has now been replaced. It even looks like him in your journal from the photos I found on the internet.

You have such beautiful areas where you can walk, I can imagine that it would be the perfect place for a stroll, or even a fast walk. It looks lovely by the river, and the flowers are so different and beautiful, too.

Thanks for taking us on your walk, including your AJJ entry. Thanks also for sharing that scone and coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Tony's cake doesn't look nearly as good as that scone (grin).

Linda Kunsman said...

marvelous sunshine page Chris! And what beautiful scenery along the walk- everything so green and lush- I love it! Of course, a nice cuppa and a scone is always good too:) Happy T day!

My name is Erika. said...

That scone looks delicious. Good thing I just ate dinner. And I love your page, it sounds like a great walk. And the photos of the river walk-it looks gorgeous too. We've had too many bugs to walk lately, but they finally seem to be going away so I am going to get back out there. Although its a tough toss up between crafting and walking. Thanks for joining us again at AJJ. Hugs-Erika

Valerie-Jael said...

Happy T day, that scone looks divine! Love the journal page, thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, and thanks for sharing the wonderful photos, hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

Love the Morecambe page with dear Eric in silhouette--very clever I thought.

Great photographs as always and a tempting look at the new houses that are almost ready lol. The West seems to get better weather than us these days.

Love Chrissie xx

Pamellia Johnson said...

Fabulous page Chris, very creative. Your shots of the countryside are beyond beautiful, what a wonderful place to get to take a walk in. So many baby creatures this time of year, I just love ducklings and goslings! Beautiful photos! hugs :)

Sandy said...

Such a happy page Chris - this guy is not only walking but he is dancing through life!
I always enjoy your pictures - especially when they have food!!
Sandy xx

Darla said...

I enjoyed the photo's of your walk. I think I could sit for some time and watch the birds paddle in the water. Then I'd have to go to M&S for tea and a scone. Sounds like a good plan.

Rita said...

What lovely peaceful places to wander!! :)

Astrid Maclean said...

Wonderful spread and great photos, looks like a fantastic walk!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Happy bealted T- day Chris , that scone looks divine and journal page amazes me as well, thanks for another fab last entry for Art Journal Journey - MAY , and thanks for sharing the wonderful photos,
Sorry for being so late with commenting - I was a little bit busy this week.

Mrs.B said...

Great page Chris, and that looks such a lovely walk.
Avril xx

Jeanie said...

Wow -- I'm not sure where you live or are walking, Chris, but it is just beautiful!

I just wanted to thank you for welcoming me to T day at Marmelade Gypsy and I'm so delighted to discover your blog and lovely work! I must poke through a bit more!

butterfly said...

Love your feelgood page - I do love those wading birds, but I'm resisting on the grounds of having so many uninked stamps in my room to play with! Lovely photos from your walk. Isn't everywhere splendidly green and lush this year?
Alison x

Gez Butterworth said...

Fabulous journal page, loving the wadding birds ♥ What a wonderful walk and your tea and scone look wonderful too !!!