Monday, 2 May 2016

A second look on the Second!

A whole month…gone…!! It's time once again to share an older post at Bluebeard and Elizabeth's blog - The Altered Booklover.

I have chosen one from May 2014
You can see the original here

Broken Heart!

I've missed taking part in some challenges of late, we were away of course! That said, even when we were home we were busy with grandchildren, appointments, parties and cinema trips so could only get in my crafty space on a few occasions!
I love the Dragon's Dream Tag It On challenges and until now haven't had time to play along!
The challenge this time for challenge TIO 165 is B and a Flower set by Elizabeth(her son Tom's idea and I loved the inspiration from the design team!)
So here is my tag
The beautiful girl has a broken heart because her beau has b......d off(that's buzzed of course!)so of course she's feeling blue!
I used some packaging for my tag and as I tore it there were some interesting bits still clinging so they were left on. Everything was covered with a watered down gesso. I then inked through a couple of stencils(yes, I did use the new one!) The heart was one left over from the wedding invitations(there's a tale to tell but not this time!)- broken by scissors! The lady is a Lynne Perrella one that had been stamped onto a scrap and then not used and the layers of the flower were also from one of my scrap folders.
The words were on a small scrap leftover from die cutting and just jumped out at me as I was going to reject it(originally from hubby's King Arthur book)The fibres and net are from a box of random bits and pieces that sits at the back of my desk! The buttons(Ooh! another b!)are from my button mug!

I used to love these challenges but sadly there are no more!!This was one of my favourites.

I wanted to find an older May post but once again find that my photos all have a triangle with a question mark on them - if anyone knows how to recover my photos I would love to know how as my blog was originally a way of keeping a record of what I have made!

That's all for now - I look forward to seeing some more second looks today but maybe not till later - an outing with grandchildren this afternoon!!!

Thanks for looking Chris


Valerie-Jael said...

Yes, time flies - the older we get, the quicker it flies! Lovely tag, Dragon's dream was really a nice challenge, I used to like it, too. I have no idea why your photos have question marks on them - scary! Have a nice day, hugs, Valerie

sheila 77 said...

This tag is really great, I love the way you have used and painted the corrugated card and bits coming lose just add to the atmosphere. Love the shades of blue you have used too, a nice dusty blue. I enjoyed reading of all the ways you made it, and the story. The words from hubby's book completed it perfectly.

Krisha said...

I'm glad you chose this for a second look....I fell in love with it the first time and still think it is so beautiful.

Barb said...

Hi Chris, sorry I can't help with the retrieval as I'm not at all techie but I'm sure someone will.

I love your tag, the colours and the beautiful design. I really laughed when I counted the letters (dots). You're just being a lady aren't you hehe!. Enjoy the rest of your day. Barbxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I remember that challenge, but I'm not sure I remember this tag. I wondered what happened to the challenge, since I thought the tags were always beautiful and often difficult (or would have been since I don't have many stamps).

As for the retrieval, I have several questions.

1. Is it just May or back even further that these triangles occur?
2. Where are the original images? Still on your computer or somewhere backed up?
3. Have you checked your Picasa folder?
4. I have seen the triangle with exclamation marks, but never question marks before. So, I am probably no help at all.

I am sorry about your loss of photos, but certainly glad you shared this beautiful tag with us as your Second look on the 2nd.

Crafty She said...

Hi Chris, what a gorgeous tag...sorry I am no techie and have no idea about your photos...I know most of my blog photos go into an album on Picasa...but that is the sum total of my knowledge!! No help at all, sorry....Love S xxx

Carol said...

Love your tag and feel for the loss of your photos. I have no clue where they went of if they can be retrieved. Hope you figure it out.

Redanne said...

A wonderful choice for a second viewing Chris. I wish I could help you with the photos, I hope you can get them back! Hugs, Anne xx

chrissie said...

A beautiful tag and worth a second look for sure. Not sure how to retrieve lost photographs but you could add them to the posts again if you still have them on your computer somewhere. I

Love Chrissie xx

My name is Erika. said...

I'm sorry this beautiful girl is so sad, but the fact that she has a second shot at being shown should make her smile. Its a gorgeous tag. Hugs, Erika

Little Artbee said...

Oh what a lovely Tag dear Chris. I love the soft blue and brown color combination you choosed so much. Really a dream!
Have a nice May.
Dear Greetings
Sabine xox

Pamellia Johnson said...

Beautiful piece Chris. I love the soft blues with the neutrals, and the corrugated cardboard background is just lovely. Great little story to go with your project too. Hope you are enjoying your time away. hugs :)

Sandy said...

It sure is a pretty tag Chris!!
Sandy xx

Sandy said...

And by the way, what do you meant "the first time we went" - you lucky lady!!

butterfly said...

Oh, I do miss the Dragons... Lovely to see this gentle beauty of a tag again - the corrugated background is just gorgeous.

On the photos, I've just done a quick bit of searching and there are worrying things afoot. I think the disappearance may be something to do with the relationship between Picasa (photo storage which is used by Blogger, though most Blogger users don't know that) and Google+. If you're a Google+ user (which I don't think you are because I can still comment here) it's apparently possible to delete photos in Google Photos and thereby automatically delete them in Picasa so that they will no longer then be available to the blog.

Less drastically, it's possible you've somehow changed some permissions in Picasa, and told it not to share the photos, so that's the first avenue to try. Have a look at the instructions in this thread -!topic/blogger/rmcpbld5K80
to see how to check your Picasa albums and permissions.

Worse possibilities follow... it appears that they are phasing out Picasa as of February 2016, "over the next few months", so hopefully they are planning to automatically shift the Blogger storage over, otherwise we're all going to have to do it manually, or have the photos disappear I suppose. I guess there's a possibility that this process has started and something's gone wrong, and it may spread to more Blogger blogs. I do hope that's not the case because if they've messed up the photos then all hell will break loose. Information on the changes here -

Anyway, check out the Picasa possibility first, and good luck!
Alison x

butterfly said...

At the moment there don't seem to be any clear answers about what the phasing out of Picasa will mean for Blogger blogs...!topic/blogger/4Fz7ZJvUxcE

All a little worrying given the mess when they stole some of our followers!

butterfly said...

And just for the hatrick, a touch of (possible) reassurance, though it's still very vague - a quote from Google after the original announcement about the retirement of Picasa:

"Retiring Picasa Web Albums will not affect photos uploaded to a blog through Blogger; they will will continue to display on the blog even after Picasa Web Albums is retired. You will still be able to see these photos on your blog and in a new place we will be creating for you to access your Picasa Web Albums data. Picasa Web albums shared by a link will also continue to work with a redirect. For photos, albums, and slideshows embedded from Picasa Web Albums, and links to your public galleries, we will share more details as we get closer to these changes being made in the coming months."