Wednesday, 5 February 2014


What a lovely morning  it was - two hours ago  - brilliant sunshine - now- rain again! But hey! this isn't a weather forecast it's WOYWW! 
I missed last week - we were away and there was absolutely nothing to show on Wednesday morning as we had only arrived at our caravan at 9.30 the evening before. I made up for it later in the week though and had a very productive week despite going to the cinema (twice!), having a day out in Settle, a few walks, church and being strand up a driveway near Arnside when the sea caught us unaware! We had stopped on our way back from church to look at the sea when we realised that cars were splashing through water on both sides of us, fortunately two very kind men let us up their drive where we all watched the sea come rushing in - Arnside has a particularly fast incoming tide-it totally covered a bench and bin just below the garden! We were there for about an hour and a half!

So, just what is on my desk, this being the day that we can show and tell courtesy of Julia at the Stamping Ground.
Mainly just stuff dumped from my bag when we came home yesterday!
I did take rather a pile of stamps! Two of my journals - new pages in each, paints, inks(didn't have the colours I needed at the caravan)and my trusty pencil case!
Just about to post when I though you might like to see my bargains - it also encouraged me to put those things away!

From the left, some lace I bought from the bric a brac table that is  in the church hall where we have coffee after the service! While paying I was told that the charity shop up the road was having a haberdashery event so we popped in there too!
In the middle some wool tops, buttons and felt squares from our trip to Settle. Oh! and the very bright bits are a present from my granddaughter who was sorting out her weaving wool box and insisted on giving them to me(I think they may have been bought by me in the first place but didn't want to dampen her generous nature)
On the left - yes that's my knitting! I can't remember the last time I knitted but I saw this beautiful wool in Aldi and couldn't resist at £4 for four balls. One and a bit balls has made my grandaughter a  scarf which I finished while babysitting last night and just brought home to sew into one of those endless scarves that go over the head.

So that's it, I've got few birthday cards to make so I'd better crack on - hope to visit at intervals over the day, Chris


Eliza said...

Wow that is one pile of stamping stuff and some great bargains from church too. I love watching tides coming in, I got stranded on an island over night once because we missed the tide, we were too busy watching it to think about catching it out again. Oh it was fun being stranded though. Sounds like you have had a great time camping.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 12

Anne said...

Glad that you had somewhere safe to wait Chris. You have certainly done well with all you purchases. Have fun with them. Anne x #63

Carole said...

Such fun you can't wait to play with it all. Thanks for sharing Carole #76

Annie said...

What fab finds Chris. Glad you are safe from the rising tides too...take care.
Annie x # 45

JoZart said...

Had hoped to see you at Manchester but never mind, next time maybe! Anne R and Lynne should be there. Looks like you've already got lots of stash in hand though and there are some super acquisitions/bargain buys too.
Jo x

Twiglet said...

Well what a lot of crafty gorgeousness you have there. Enjoy it all but keep well away from the sea!! x Jo

lisa said...

Sounds like you had an eventful holiday, Chris but you've got some great purchases there. Have fun with it all.
Hugs Lisax #54

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Chris, that stop off by the sea sounds like it got a bit exciting! Scary sometimes how fast a tide can come in. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #42 xx

Jackie said...

All the stuff with the tide sounds fun and scary all at the same time!
Sounds like you got a few bargains as well
Jackie 10

Michelle Reed said...

What a lovely pile of goodies you brought with you. Playtime must have been fun!
Michelle #80

Julie Ann Lee said...

Well done for Work desking again! I love all your bargains! I can never resist lace or haberdashery! Have a Happy Week,you certainly seem to be having an interesting and a busy time! Julie Ann xx

MaggieC said...

You have had a busy time by the sound of it. Glad you managed to take refuge from the rising water. If there was any sun down here today, I missed it completely. It seems to have been wall to wall rain and high winds. Thank you for showing us all those lovely goodies, especially that beautiful lace, and for your visit today. I am making good progress in the clearing up and out, and almost enjoying it. You can see the results next week. Hope things go well for you. xx Maggie #3

Donna Wheat said...

looks like a great crafty stash, thanks for sharing Donna #94

glitterandglue said...

Love the colours of the wool tops, Chris. That knitting yarn is a great colour, too. I well remember Arnside front - and yes, the tide comes in phenomenally fast in that estuary. Glad you found somewhere to stay safe.
Take care.
Margaret #17

Peg Robinson said...

Isn't it fun to see stuff all dumped out like that? Loads of precious stash there. Peg R 25

Julia Dunnit said...

Wow, sounds like you're ruddy cheeked from bracing walks and being away. Nice. Love the wool you found in Aldi, it really has hit everywhere as a trend now hasn't it! How is it that no matter how much we take away wit us, it's not always the right colour, size, piece? The fact that you have new journal pages after your trip impresses me..I'm good at taking it, and even better at ignoring it!

butterfly said...

Sounds like you've been having a lovely week (apart from the close shave with the tidal swell - glad you stayed dry and safe!)... and I love the look of all those lacy bits and bobs. Good luck with the card-making.
Alison xx

JoZart said...

So lovely to spend a little time with you at the show. It's always good to meet up with like minded people and I did enjoy our get together,
hope to see you again,
Jo x

Redanne said...

Hi Chris, it was lovely to meet up with you and Jo at Event City and to hear more about your experience at Arnside - that must have been frightening! Hope you did not spend too much, for the first time ever, I spent very little! Hugs, Anne xx