Tuesday, 30 April 2019

T Stands for the bees in the trees at TIOT and Paris!!

We have a new theme at Try It On Tuesday - 'Things with Wings'! As you can see I have chosen a bee but it can be anything with wings that you would like to show us! 
The Design Team have lots of inspiration for you here!
My bee is on a piece of grey-board and I started with lots of yellow paint and two different size honeycomb stencils.I stamped and embossed the the bee and the word FLY and I thought it looked a bit lacking in something...ah yes!! the form of gold paint, spatters...and a few more honeycombs on the form of stamping! 

On our last day in Paris we did what we have done for the past few visits! Parc Montsouris is a short walk away so after packing our cases we had them locked away and set off! It was a lovely sunny day and the park looked beautiful!
We walked down this road..
 ..and spotted that the gates were open onto the garden area of these houses which we were told are for elderly....Oh I wish!!!!
The view from the gate
 We had stopped for coffee at a busy bar...we wished we had waited!!!

The bees were loving this Lilac but it seems I missed them!!
Almost back to the hotel...

Now for my T Stands For Tuesday part...not in Paris but at the airport yesterday evening...we got there by accident!!!
Having returned the mini bus we had been using for my Messy group outing to a craft store, we caught the tram to the interchange, got on the bus, but going in the wrong direction - having seen the number on the back and rushing to catch it...
We decided to sit out the ride and treat ourselves to coffee...not quite what we expected!!
 In the bag??
A toasted teacake to share!! It was quite a fun end to our day and to join Bluebeard and Elizabeth at T Stands for Tuesday!!

I do hope to see you flying in at Try It On Tuesday - the challenge runs, as usual, for two weeks!

Thanks for looking, Chrisx


Rosie said...

A wonderful piece of art and beautiful photos, Chris

froebelsternchen said...

I love your fabulous piece of art and wow - amazing impressions dear Chris and I wouldn't mind a toasted teacake now ! Happy T-Day Chris!
Happy TIOT!
Hugs, Susi

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, what a stunning make! I love the bee design with the embossing and stencils, and the colours are perfect 😁. So nice to walk with you through Paris, it is such a beautiful place and it looks like you had lovely weather too! Wishing you a wonderful week and very happy T Day! J 😊 x

My name is Erika. said...

I love your bee Chris.Nice honeycomb design! Perfect for things with wings. And your walk looks like a perfect one for me. And lilacs. Oh I love lilacs. Thanks for taking us for a walk through Paris (how could I not enjoy that) and have a very happy T day. Hugs-Erika

Joan said...

Love you Bee Chris and the lovely honeycomb background


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your bee is wonderful, Chris. Bees are SO important and we must find ways to keep them around for generations to come. I love what you did and the warmth of this piece.

I really enjoyed the photos from your last day in Paris. Your photos of Parc Montsouris are wonderful. Such beauty and great colors and wonderful flowers. I'm sure you had a lovely time on your last day there.

I had to laugh at your catching the bus headed in the wrong direction. I did that once while on a business trip in Nashville, Tennessee. I LOVED the expression on T's face in the top photo. It was so adorable. I have never had a tea cake, so that must go on my bucket list, along with real English scones.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful art, your trip to Parc Montsouris, and your bus ride with coffee and tea cakes for T this Tuesday, dear Chris.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Beautiful artwork. I like the stamps and colors you used. Wonderful photos of Paris. Thanks for sharing them. And I like your husband's expression in that one photo, where you said you ended up at the airport by accident. The food you had there looks delicious. Happy T-Day!

J said...

Hi Chris, Some lovely photos of Paris and what a lovely park too.
The teacake looks delicious, jsut reminded me that we didn't have any Hot Cross Buns this year, I love them with a nice cup of tea.
Our GS's have just been to Paris for two days, the eldest spent most of his time reading apparently, even on the boat trip!
Enjoy your week
Jan x

Linda Kunsman said...

I love your bee art Chris! And what another lovely excursion you have taken us on-beautiful looking park. Glad that despite taking the wrong bus you had time for a relaxing break. Happy T day!

butterfly said...

I just love your golden honeybee, with all that delicious honeycomb glistening around him. Looks like you've been having a wonderful time in Paris - thank you for sharing the trip.
Alison x

Caty said...

Woooow love love this Wonderful bee Chris !! It´s just an Amazing Artpiece, the background is super- beautiful with those lovely honeycombs. Gorgeous !!
Thanks so much for sharing those fabulous photographs from Paris with us, they are great. And your teacakes may have been delicious.
Happy T-day !
I wish you a very nice day,
Big hugs, Caty

Divers and Sundry said...

Things with wings sounds like an inspiring prompt :) and I love your bee and honeycomb.

What a beautiful setting. I'm impressed at the lovely senior housing and its location close to a park. Nice! I enjoyed reading and seeing all about your trip :) Happy T Tuesday

Rita said...

Love your bee! What a truly lovely excursion! :)

Kate Yetter said...

I love bees and it looks beautiful of your postcard.

Your walk through Paris looks quite peaceful. I saw lovely gardens, sunshine and not a lot of people in your photos. And I love that you made the most of taking the wrong bus. A hot drink and a teacake sound like the best way to end the day.
Happy Tea Day,

johanna said...

i can almost hear the bee humming:) so very beautiful!!
and in my older days i´d love to live in that backyard houses - looks very nice! happy t-day!

Sharon Madson said...

First, I love your honeycomb bee honey art! Love how you added different sizes of the honeycomb, and your paint looks like honey. Yummy piece!
Second, oh, I loved Paris! So long ago! Thank you for sharing your time there with us! Happy T Day!

CJ Kennedy said...

I like your bee piece and the honey colored paint perfect. I enjoyed seeing what Spring time in Paris looks like. The weather looks so nice and all the flowers and shrubs are gorgeous. Happy T Day to you and your Mister.

Meggymay said...

It is a beautiful bee image Chris, the colour base looks great.
I liked the photos of your Paris trip, the park must have been a lovely walk and way to end your trip away.
Happy T day wishes Chris, it sounds like it was quite a day out.
Yvonne xx

Mrs.B said...

The bee looks fabulous against the yellow tones and the different sized honeycomb give a lovely depth to the piece. Wonderful photos of your day in Paris.
Avrol xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful piece, great photos, and toasted teacakes are always a treat. Happy T Day, Valerie

Cath Wilson said...

I really thought this was a domino, Chris - I know now it isn't, but it's still gorgeous. The honey colours are gorgeous, so warm. It's a great piece. Lovely, lovely photos, too. It really does make me long to experience the Parisian atmosphere again ;-) Airport coffee isn't quite what you had in mind but I bet it was good :-)
Cath x

Lisca said...

I love your bee. The colour is wonderful.
And of course I enjoyed the walk in the park in Paris. Wonderful.
I smiled at catching the bus in the wrong direction. I think we have all done that at one stage. (I have certainly) Although it is not so nice when you need to get somewhere on time....
Happy (Belated) T-Day,

Eileen Bergen said...

I adore your grey-board bee, Chris - especially all the subtly repeated honeycomb shapes. It's just perfect!

Your last day in Paris looks wonderful. Sniff ...

You guys really roll with the punches and always find something to enjoy in any situation. Your wrong way trip story reminds of a new young guy at work who was sent from NY to Wisconsin to close a deal. He got on the wrong plane to go home and ended up in LA! The company was very good about it, but you can't imagine the ribbing he took for his mistake.

Happy T-day! Eileen xx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

You always make me want to fly off to Paris when you speak about your trips there Chris, thanks for sharing your visit. I will get there one day!
Isn't that Bee a fabulous stamp, she's look amazing in any home.
Wishing you a fabulous BH weekend, i'm wondering where you may be whisking off to next... what ever your up too enjoy!! Hugs Tracey xx