Thursday, 26 April 2018

On the trains...and off!!!

I have another page I made on the train for Alison's theme of 
'Recycle and Collage' at Art Journal Journey.

The piece of paper bottom left is a stamp clean off from a card I made and of course you can spot some Infusions sprinkled deli paper over a scrap of designer paper. The butterfly is one of AALL and Create's Tracy Evans designs, which I stamped to take away. I tore some shiny painty paper into strips and also a piece of washi tape! I made a discovery while doodling the wavy stripes - if the stick glue hasn't quite dried it makes great smudgy marks if you rub it with your finger!! I added some stickers and some gold dots.

The trains were quite an issue this time with strikes both there and back to Paris! Fortunately it only affected us badly on the way there as it was very crowded. On the way back I suspect a lot of French folk had to cancel their journeys as the trains in France were only running at half or or one in three!

We also had a some disturbance on Metro line 6(a mainly overground line) to the hotel - two huge planks of wood were thrown on the track and a tube of something was set on fire! We could see the train coming in the opposite direction had also been stopped! We heard a lot of shouting and fireworks but a lady next to us reassured us that we were safe. By the time we had got another two stops to get to our hotel the march ( Manifestation) was coming up to our station so we put on a bit of a sprint around the corner - I was glad to know where we were headed!
We were on the top floor with lovely views of roof gardens.

 The same gardens at the end of the day

In the distance the sign on the top of the new shopping centre in Place d'Italie
The sky after a thunderstorm in the night.
Our hotel was in the Buttes aux Cailles quarter and has lots of low level buildings as the lime quarries made it difficult to support the weight of larger ones.

 These houses were being renovated last time we were here! We have requested that next time we have a hotel room at the back overlooking the backs of these lovely houses - I was given a sneaky peek at the back and it's beautiful!! Oh yes! We plan another visit!!! 

I hope to get some blog visiting done soon! 
I will return to the beginning of our holiday in London next!

Oh! The washer seemed to have got over it's hissy fit when I ran it empty and so far we have had connection all afternoon!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How easy it is when things work perfectly and items run smoothly. It's simply a wonderful idea that things turned out in the end, like the washer and the internet.

Those roof gardens are to die for. I am in lust. I still think it would be hard to get one started, though. Think of all that weight you have to bring to the roof and how careful you have to be that the roof is solid. Still, once the plan was in place, it would be a glory to behold.

Speaking of glory, your beautiful journal page made me smile. I was in awe of the way you used your deli paper. It's all so beautiful the way you used it on half the butterfly, too. This is a perfect example of wonderful recycled art and a great contribution to Alison's theme at Art Journal Journey.

I'm glad you and T are home safe and sound now. Sounds like there could have been quite an ordeal. I'm just glad all is well with the two of you.

Helen said...

What a fabulous view over Paris, and the skies look fantastic I am so pleased you are sharing some of your trip - always a pleasure - and the journal page is another cracking beauty! good to hear about the washing machine and internet connections.

Astrid Maclean said...

A fabulous page and some great photos of what sounds like quite a remarkable trip despite the hiccups.... Glad all is well now including internet and washer :o)

As you probably remember I have been away for about a month with a blog break, so apologies for lack of visiting, but back home now and looking forward to coming by more regularly again :o)

Let's Art Journal said...

Yet another stunning page 😀. The layers of papers, images and writing are wonderful - I love it! You stayed in such a beautiful place, it must have been lovely to look out at all those amazingviews from your hotel everyday - perfect 😀. Can't wait to hear and see more of Paris! Welcome back and Happy Friday! J 😊 x

froebelsternchen said...

Wow another fantastic page made at train- unbelievable Chris! Thank you so much for yet another gorgeous entry to Alison's theme! And those adorable photos of Paris! Those roof gardens are really heavenly! WOW! I am pleased to hear that all runs and works now properly again! Happy weekend!
Hugs, Susi

craftytrog said...

Lovely views of Paris, and another wonderful journal page Chris!
Alison xxx

sheila 77 said...

I'm really impressed again with your train collage, in fact I would be impressed even if it had taken you three days to make it at home in the studio.
And what adventures on the train - and having to run to avoid the French march - and the train line being sabotaged.
Your photographs are lovely and clear and show beautifully the different townscape of France.

Meggymay said...

Wow a fantastic page made on your train journey, good that you were able to recycle some papers as well.
Sounds like the train journey was a bit troublesome at the start of your trip.
The photos you shared look great and show a completely different view of Paris than the ones tourists usually see.
Have a good weekend.
Yvonne xx

Mrs.B said...

Your train journey sounds a bit traumatic, but pleased you were safe. Lovely pictures of Paris, off for a catch up now.
Avril xx

Divers and Sundry said...

Even when I watch what I can of international news we aren't getting news of these strikes. I'm glad you got where you were going. These views are wonderful, and the rooftop gardens and those sweet newly-renovated houses are perfect! What a great trip!