Thursday, 26 April 2018

Home...with a few problems!!!

Hi everyone! I'm back from a very sunny Paris@!
We arrived home on Tuesday evening and I had hopes of catching up with some TV and linking to TSFT...not to be! 
Virgin, our internet, TV and phone provider had got down totally! We still had our mobile phone and terrestrial TV, but by the time we had had something to eat and drink and found the help line phone number it was getting late. The engineer we spoke to said he could detect nothing on our internet and would send an engineer on Thursday morning! 
When we got up in the morning still nothing - then suddenly just after nine everything bounced back to life and our duty manager announced on the intercom that for all Virgin subscribers the power had now been restored - it was a local 'thing'! 

Wendy, our HKA came and then we had to go out for a food shop(and a visit to Styal Mill where we also had lunch!!)

When I came to the computer to upload my photos and it just kept refusing to accept them, hubby to the rescue doing it the long way round via his phone and laptop.

I was just about to start a blog post and POW!!...everything went down again and remained that way until bedtime(there had also been a brief blip during the daytime too)

To top it all the fire alarm went off at 5.45 this morning- if there is a fire in the building everyones fire alarm goes off. We were told it was a false alarm! 
I went to get a drink and noticed that we were still not connected!
At around 8-15 when we got up everything seems to be normal.....and now the washing machine is acting up!!!

So...for now I have a journal page that I made on Eurostar on the way home - there weren't so many folk on the train and we had a whole table to ourselves so it was out with glue, ink and scissors and I made this page.
Some scraps of paper, doodling, a little bit of random stamping using one of my new stamps_ I wiped across it with a tissue as I didn't want it too bold and some stickers!

I am quite pleased with it and I am linking to Art Journal Journey where Alison's theme 'Recycle and Collage' has only a few more days to run.

I hope to be back later with another page I made on the journey!

Meanwhile, off to check the washing machine again to see if it will work - maybe it doesn't like the amount we seem to be giving it!!!

Thanks for looking, Chrisx


froebelsternchen said...

Oh gosh - I can imagine how annoying that was - just when you arrived at home again-
hope all will work now ! Fingers crossed for you! You even collaged at the Eurostar ?!
You are genius Chris ... and this page is a wowser - I love it - brilliant use of the neutral colours and bits and a fantastic arrangement of all the elements - as always !
You are a pro!
Thanks a lot for this amazing page linked to Alison's AJJ theme Chris!
Hugs, Susi

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful page made on the train. Sorry you had so many problems, thAt was some homecoming. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning Chris, so sorry for all the stress and aggravation. the internet is our link to the world so frustrating when it goes down.
I love your journal page-how fun to be able to create on the train. I love this.
Hoping your washing machine is now working too hugs Kathy

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OK, Chris, I'm not laughing at you, but this sounds like one of MY days. Not the best homecoming, I fear. You seem to be taking it quite well, because I would be stressing to the max.

I DO love your beautiful recycled page you made on the train. Is that the train where you go through the tunnel? It's a great entry and I'm thrilled you shared it with us at Art Journal Journey.

BTW, what is a HKA?

Helen said...

what a catalogue of disasters, luckily none too serious (hope the washing machine is ok) but how frustrating when you'll have loads to get done and besides - we want to see your photos!!! I'd love to hear how you enjoyed Kew, too.
That is a great page done on the train - great that you had the space to do it. The time the girls and I went it was rammed full.

Meggymay said...

Oh gosh that was not the welcome home you would be expecting.
This is an awesome page you created on the train.
I have my fingers crossed your connections all keep working.
Yvonne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Beautiful page! I'm in awe that you created this page on the train too - amazing 😁. Hope all your problems resolve themselves quickly! J 😊 x

Redanne said...

Your page is gorgeous Chris, how clever of you to be able to create on the train! But oh, what a nightmare to come home to! I hope everything is resolved now and that your washing machine has 'recovered'! Hugs, Anne xx

sheila 77 said...

What a home-coming you had. The washing machine wanted to join in the "fun and games" obviously.
I can't even imagine making a collage on a train, never mind one as good as this.
Hope all is now back to "normal". We can survive most things but not

Mrs.B said...

Not quite the 'no place like home' feeling after a holiday, but I love your crafting on the move.
Avril xx

craftytrog said...

A fab collage for the challenge Chris! Hope your problems are sorted soon!
Alison xox

Divers and Sundry said...

I find internet connection issues extremely frustrating, and they always seem so slow getting things back up. We switched providers over that. They asked us if we'd stay with them if they gave us a break on the price lol We said we'd have stayed at the old price if we could've gotten what we were paying for ;) I was glad to hear your washing machine has decided to work :) So many chances for technology to mess with us :(