Tuesday, 6 March 2018

T Stands For.....taking an opportunity...

I was a little late starting this 31 day Gelli Plate challenge being hosted by Birgit Koopsen. I almost decided against it when it got to day 3 but decided that once I started I would be able to catch up - once I start using my Gelli plate it's like an addiction!!! I am now taking each day as it comes! Birgit provides links to useful videos in her post and I am taking the opportunity to learn some new techniques 

 Day 1 Circles - quite happy with this one
 Day 2 Peek through - an interesting technique to use without a stencil
 Day 3 Stencil - I used a mop up from my brayer for the yellow background
 Day 4 Texture - the one I like most - maybe because I love using bits and pieces to make patterns
 Day 5 Crayon resist - so far not sure about this but when I have time I will play with this technique again!
I will probably show more of these when I reach day 10.

On our walk this afternoon we passed by the tree with all of the crocuses around it - there are one or two daffodils out now too!
I now have step counter on my phone that works and today I did 5175! 

For T Stands for Tuesday over at Bluebeard and Elizabeth's place this week I am taking you to Sizergh Castle.
We went a few weeks ago when the weather was mild.

We called into the cafe  - Tea and scone for hubby and a carrot and orange slice for me(which hubby ate half of for me!) with a filter coffee. You can just see hubby waiting patiently in the teapot reflection!

Thanks for looking, Chris


kathyinozarks said...

The gel plates looks like a fun technique with lots of different results. I have not tried anything like this on papers.
what a lovely place for a walk, loved the tree with all flowers blooming. and your tea and treat looks delicious.
Happy T Day Kathy

Linda Kunsman said...

I really need to get my gel plate -the big one- out again! I'm almost out of my deli prints which I love using in art journals. Good for you to have done so many steps!! I need to find something to put on my phone too. And then i need some lovely views and Spring blooms to motivate me more:) Your tea break looks yummy. I haven't had a scone in quite awhile...
happy T day!

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh yes do show us some more gelli plate fun! I have one still in the package i need to get out and play with.. I just LOVE those stone steps you shared a picture of .. its paint worthy.. Would you mind if i used it as a reference for a painting?? We have oceans of Daffodils showing up here too... so pretty.. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

Helen said...

I still haven't used either my big or little gelli plates.. must rectify that. the walk looks good - bet it was a bit different last week in the snow.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have several friends who are taking that gelli challenge and I almost did the same. However, I am currently trying to clean up my basement studio (it's still a disaster from the broken water pipe in late January) and I have no way or place to set it up.

I still love any photos I see of snowdrops, because they fascinate me. We don't get them here. I think our weather isn't conducive for them.

Loved the photos of your walk. I can't believe how mild your weather is most of the time. It's amazing, although I saw photos from London and Scotland and Wales that were on the Weather Channel's web site. What a very scary event that must have been for you. So glad to know you are safe.

I really enjoyed the photo of the tea and coffee, and YES, I had seen T in the reflection. So thoughtful of him to wait until you were finished taking the shot. Now I am really hungry for a scone. I haven't had one since I made some a few years ago. Thanks for sharing your cake (?) and scone as well as the tea and coffee with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks for sharing your gelli plate experiments, too.

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you are having fun playing with your gelli plate. Lots of lovely photos today - my faves are the swans and the food! Spring is springing again here, too, now that the cold spell has past. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

johanna said...

oh, the gelli plate... endless potential! when i start i can´t stop, so often i consider not to start;) but it is fun indeed. love your results, i think the resist will Show up as a Background some day.
and signs of spring are obvious:)
happy t-day! ♥

Meggymay said...

Super gelli plate prints, I'm sure you will enjoy this challenge Chris. It has me thinking about unearthing my gelli plate, which hasn't seen the light of days for a very, very long time.
Beautiful photos of your walk and the scone did look tempting.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Your gelli plate printing is wonderful, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations as I keep thinking about putting a gelli plate on my crafting wish list 😉. The views and walk around Sizergh Castle look beautiful and I think I could manage a slice of carrot and orange cake too 😀. Happy T Day! J 😊

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Thanks for sharing all your gelli plate pages and noting the techniques, Chris. I was kind of disappointed with my first pages and the techniques we learned in class. I'm glad to see there can be more to it. Birgit Koopsen's site is wonderful!

Spring has arrived in our area too. Temps are in the 70s and 80s already. The days are mostly sunny and the sky is brilliant blue. I love our springs.

My daily step goal is 4,000. I make it most days except when I get distracted by making art. I just lose all sense of time - lol. 5175 - good for you!

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

CJ Kennedy said...

Your Gelli plate experiments look wonderful. I can see the joy you had in creating them. Congratulations on your steps. I'm waiting for the weather to get warmer so my friend, Red and I can go walking again. Our walks aren't as beautiful as your walk Sizergh Castle. I love the photograph of the swans. Your tea looks delicious and hubby was very patient for you to get a picture. You've got him well trained. =^,.^= Happy T Day

Divers and Sundry said...

I was going to say which of your art pieces I liked best, but I can't decide. I like them all. Nice variety.

That's a gorgeous setting for a walk. Our botanic gardens had to get rid of the swans because they were so aggressive. Such a shame. They are so beautiful, especially in pairs.

The cafe would be a treat for me. Looks tasty :) Happy T Tuesday!

My name is Erika. said...

Those Gelli prints came out great Chris! I did some Gelli printing last week and after seeing yours I am ready to do some more. :) ANd it's nice to see some spring looking gardens, and crocus too! We have a BIG snowstorm coming tomorrow so my hopes for an early spring have just vanished. AUGH! Your tea and snacks look yummy also. Hope it was a great T day Chris. Hugs-Erika

Halle said...

I enjoyed seeing the gelli prints on instagram as well as here. Yet another thing I'd like to try some time. Too many crafts...too little time!! :)
Happy T day!

Sharon Madson said...

Thanks for sharing a lovely walk with us! Beautiful photos. And I wish I was there for scones and tea! Perfect T-Day post! Have a wonderful week!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You inspire me to print with the gelli plate , but no time now....
wonderful photos! Happy belated T-Day Chris!

Lisca Meijer said...

Oh so many different techniques to do with a gelli plate. I have heard of those, but I haven't got one myself. I don't do messy. Having said that, the gelli plate is not that messy and it looks a lot messier than it is. (Does that make sense?)
I love seeing all those crocusses. and the photos in the park are beautiful. Complete with a regal swan too. Of course the obligatory stop at the tea shop and some yummy cakes and scones. They made my mouth water. I must remember not to read your blog before dinner...
It's great to have a step counter. I have one too. And I input my steps at so that I am virtually walking a known route. The guy that does it has taken photos every 100 meters or so, so I can see exactly where I have 'walked'. I am doing the Tahoe Rim Trail. So far it's beautiful.
Happy belated T-Day,