Tuesday, 26 December 2017

T stands for taking it easy, making tag cards!

Hello everyone!I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas break and that yesterday was a good one for you!

In the UK it is Boxing Day - the day that traditionally was for giving gifts of money to servants, deliverymen etc., although it has only been known as Boxing Day since the 1830's.
I don't know when this tradition changed but as a child I can remember people such as the postman, the garbage man(known as dust man here), milk delivery man, and paper boy, all knocking on our door to wish us Merry Christmas in the week before Christmas and to be given a tip.

These days Boxing Day is either a day for a walk, going to the sales(which often start on this day), attending a sports event(one of my sons and grandson are off to a football match) or staying in (in my case doing a little crafting) watching TV and still enjoying the Christmas treats!
We had intended going for a walk but I must have opened my eyes onto my pillow in the night as my eye is really bloodshot and although it is slightly better now I just didn't feel like going out!

I have made some more cards using the 12 tags Of Christmas - Funkie Junkie Style by Linda of the Funky Junkie Boutique, who are also offering prizes!
Here is my Tag 6 inspiration! I was a bit slow getting going with this, indeed I went on to another before coming back to it.
I had intended using my TH doily die but couldn't find it anywhere - of course, I knew it would turn up as soon as I had completed the card and ..…there it was, having been put away onto a magnetic sheet instead of in its folder!!Hey! Ho!
I loved the cutout snowflakes on Linda's, but only room for one on my little doily!!
 I used some coloured paper behind it. I also loved Linda's hanging charm on a snowflake, and as it happened, I had one on my desk rejected from something else!!

The week before last we went up to our caravan, not sure when we are going again!
We had a day out at somewhere we love to visit, with a call in at Holker Hall, not far away, to see the tree and to enjoy a coffee and maybe get some treats!

I am joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday,

I'm sharing the Lattes we both had to warm us up and we shared a huge scone! We were also given a chocolate each! 
Where's hubby? You'll see him later!!
From here we went on to Grange Over Sands! First of all we had a walk around the little park.
Santa was doing a spot of pre-Christmas fishing!
One of the things we love about this park are the birds.

 The trees looked lovely reflected in a still part of the lake
 The path took us up to look out over Morecambe Bay

 This is where we were heading for..
…the Hazlemere Cafe... 
….where we managed to get seated by the window as someone had just left!
 Hubby ordered a Turmeric Latte - as you can see, although he was a bit unsure at first, he did drink it...
..I kept to water and lemon with my 'small' portion of fish and chips while hubby had an African bean stew!He also had to help with my fish and chips( I dread to think what a 'large' would have looked like!)
We then set off to look at the shops and managed to buy some gifts too!

I asked the owner if I could take a photo of this lovely display of glassware but I was afraid to walk past it for a better shot!
As we left the town there was a beautiful coloured sky!
I'll be here again soon with another tag card but will be visiting the T gang after I have had a(nother)coffee!

Oh and our tree has been rescued with the help of my glue gun and a lot of packing in the gaps!!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


kathyinozarks said...

Wow such great photos you shared with us. Love your card, those scones look fabulous, and I loved the fishing Santa-so fun.
Happy crafting and Happy T Day Hugs Kathy

kathyinozarks said...

oh and I enjoyed learning more about Boxing Day

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Lovely snowflake tag, Chris.

LOL - the fishing Santa! There are some lovely birds at the Grange Over Sands and you got great close ups. Beautiful sky shots. The photo of the village rising above the pond could be a painting.

I can't imagine a turmeric latte and certainly wouldn't order one. But then I wouldn't order any flavor of latte because I don't drink coffee;-)

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

Divers and Sundry said...

What a joy! I do so enjoy these virtual trips you take us on. The scenery is beautiful, and the storefronts and street scenes. I like the birds. And the fish, of course. Enjoy the season :) Happy T Tuesday!

CJ Kennedy said...

So many fun things in your post today. I love the stocking charm on your tag. As we had snow for Christmas Day, I'm afraid I've had my fill. I've never seen a scone that big or Santa fishing. Looks like he was in competition with the ducks. I always enjoy seeing pics of your hubby. Mine won't pose or if he does he'll pull a face. Turmeric is supposed to be some sort of super food, but I don't think I'd be as brave to try it. That restaurant is sure generous with their portions. Loved looking at the decorated shop windows especially the crystal stemware. So pretty. Happy T Day and Happy New Year!

Helen said...

Fishing Santa! ha, that's lovely!! great pictures as always.

Let's Art Journal said...

What a beautiful tag! The red and white colour combination looks so elegant and I love how you punched the snowflake in the centre of the doily - stunning 😀. It looks like you had such a wonderful time at your caravan too, I so enjoyed visiting those fabulous places with you. You always share such great photos and pretty views, the snowmen heads on the models made me smile 😁. Sending you Happy T Day wishes this Boxing Day! J 😊

My name is Erika. said...

What beautiful holiday photos Chris. I think I like that fishing Santa. And those white lights with the grey stone buildings. It is quite festive. :) And glad you had a relaxing Boxing Day. I always wondered what that name meant. Thanks for teaching me something new, and hope you had a productive art day too. Hope your eye is better soon. Happy T Day and hope it was a wonderful Christmas. Hugs-Erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

To sleep, perchance to dream. That's my excuse for being late and I'm sticking to it. Gosh it's cold here. You put is in the mood for winter with your lovely card. You add the cutest embellishments.

It looks absolutely beautiful where you are, Chris. The tree in the first part of the walk at Holker Hall is beautiful. There's something about red on green trees. Could be that the colors are opposite on the color wheel, or maybe just that I like that combination. And is that a shopping area? It reminds me of the houses that were turned into shops I saw on Small Business Saturday here. The deer in the yard stood out.

Those lattes looked a bit like hot chocolate. Had I not read they were coffee based, I wouldn't have known. I hate to say this, but I could have eaten the entire scone, it looks so good.

I got a big laugh at the Santa, and loved seeing all the birds. The Hazlemere Cafe in that Victorian home looks lovely. I'm sure T was far braver than I. Turmeric and Latte don't sound good together to me (grin). Your fish and chips look good, though, and so does his stew.

The glass in that shop is incredible. I'd hate to have to keep it clean! Thanks for sharing your day out and about, T's two lattes, your food, and your fabulous photos with us for T this Tuesday.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a fab post Chris! Incredible !
Tumeric Late?! Your hubby is a hero !
oxo Susi
( a late T-DAy visitor)

johanna said...

always a pleasure strolling around with you, Chris! what a clever idea to use the cut out snowflake as a mask.
i wonder how turmeric latte tastes. never saw one, but would try it if it Comes my way... for sure it´s healty:)
have wonderful days:) ♥

Meggymay said...

I know I am late calling in but I have so enjoyed reading this post Chris. All the photos are fantastic, but Santa fishing just has to be that star of the show for me.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays.
belated T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Carol said...

Love the card and your photos are amazing again ♥ We didn't get home til yesterday evening from my parents and I was too tired to post anything. We had a grand time and a crowd for sure. See ya next week !