Saturday, 21 October 2017

The girl inside

Hi everyone, I've had a bit of a week! Fortunately I have been able to get into my craft room for some quiet time and……. FINALLY, I have all but the last few remaining photos to get off my phone camera and that will be a lot less to think about!
We had to change some of plans this week for various reasons that I won't go into (it is in my calendar journal though if you look at the beginning of next month)
I have made another page for Elke's Theme -Landscapes of the Soul at AJJ.
I don't think I am alone in sometimes feeling that I am not really the age I am - the girl is still in there! 
That doesn't mean I am dwelling on the past, although my mind is full of thousands of memories. Far from it, it's just that some days I still feel and think the same as I did when I was a lot younger. I suppose what I am saying is……Oh! I don't know…I'm rambling….again!!!
My page started with a piece of mop up tissue stuck to the page, when it was dry I rubbed some brown inks over with a sponge.
I added some stencilling and stamping and some white marker.
The Gibson Girl (one of Artistic Stampers set 1 taken from the early 20th Century drawings by Charles Dana Gibson)was stamped onto a piece of scrap paper to represent the girl in me!
I mounted her onto a piece of an old tag that I tore the top off and added some scraps that I had around from testing a new(to me)Crafty Individuals stamp.
The words were written onto tissue paper(one of Susi's tips) and stuck on with Multimedia gel.

Seeing as I now have more photos on my computer I can show you a few more!
You may remember a visit we took to Formby Beach with my son and Grandchildren to see Anthony Gormley's 'Another Place' - if you didn't the pics are here.
I was delighted to find some of his iron men in Bordeaux to celebrate the fact that there is now a high speed train link with Paris

 This is the same man from a different angle - taken just before hit the deck!

They are 16 all over the city - we saw a few more in the distance but didn't get close enough to get a clear shot (wish we had now!)
I have more art to show you from Bordeaux when I catch up on my travel photos!!

Have a great weekend! 
Thanks for looking, Chris


Valerie-Jael said...

Gorgeous journal page, and know what you mean! Great statues, enough to make anyone fall flat! Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I love your >>girl in me<<< page! Oh I think we all feel like this --- I so often think of the time I was younger, especially as my daughter now is at this age of a teen- I often remember what I have done at this age.
This 16 iron men are fabulous! Thank you for sharing Chris!
Hope your back is completely well again and I have to say THANK YOU for such a beautiful page linked to Art Journal Journey!
Happy Sunday!
oxo Susi

and forgot to mention, that I like to read that the writing on tissue method is good for you as well. I think it is really good for when we are not sure if we are brave enough to add a quote just by hand. And when you have done it several times you will see that you are brave enough to write directly on the pages as well - one gets more confident with every time we do a page - am I right?!

Helen said...

great page, Chris! hope all is ok -love that you embrace the only as old as you feel philosophy. good for you. Great pics, love the statues.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

i can relate to the girl in me thought. I keep saying I'm going to stay 25 forever. It seems to work for me, at least, and I am sure you are as young in spirit as that Gibson girl. This is a fabulous AJJ entry.

I have been fascinated with Gormley's statues since I first learned about his men in various places. I think Jo (at Joz Art) was the first time I saw a statue or heard about him. This one is fascinating, and I was surprised you found so many in Bordeaux. How fun and fascinating.

Guess what came in the mail today? It's from France and from two very special people. Thank you, thank you BOTH. I plan to share it in a couple of weeks, but I'm headed to a pumpkin farm tomorrow and will HOPEFULLY use that for my Halloween T post.

geistige_Schritte said...

wonderful journal page, oh yes, how you feel and I also sometimes feel much younger! This is a fabulous theme for AJJ thank you for the
verlinkung. Great photos!!!!
Happy weekend

Meggymay said...

Its a fantastic page Chris and I can relate to what you say about the girl.
Its such a shame when our bodies tell us, our heads are playing tricks on us. I just like to tell my brain that its seeing things.
inside. The photos were great I likes the ones of the Iron men.
Yvonne xx

Jeannette said...

great page,love the woman and the story behind of this,love the soft colors and beautiful texture.
the iron man looks nice.
happy sunday.

hugs jenny

My name is Erika. said...

I know exactly what you mean about the girl inside. Sometimes I even in look in the mirror and say- who is that person. I have the same views of my weight too. I say think really skinny, and then look and say, who is that plump person. :) Loving this statue too. He is quite interesting and unique. Happy end of your weekend. Hugs-Erika

Carol said...

The iron men are very interesting and I absolutely love the journal page. My the girl inside rule as she is what keeps us young and strong ♥

butterfly said...

I love your page - such gentle colour tones surrounding your internal child with compassion and softness. It's really pretty, and yet full of depth. I'm a huge Gormley fan too - so I love these photos - glad you've finally managed to retrieve them all from your phone.
Alison x

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Fabulous journal page, Chris! Thanks for sharing Susi's tissue paper text technique. It's so easy to mess up a great page at the end by making a spelling mistake or going crooked. I do that all the time!

I guess any woman over 50 can relate to that feeling. It's a gift to be able to feel younger than one's chronological age, even if it's just most of the time. Hope you're doing better soon.

I've never heard of Anthony Gormley's iron men. Can I say fabulous again?!

Hugs, Eileen

Let's Art Journal said...

Beautiful page with those soft colours and the sentiment is so true! Thanks for sharing you photos of Bordeaux, it must have been fun seeing the statues and it looks like a lovely place with some amazing architecture, I can't wait to see more of your photos 😁. I hope you are recovering well and your bruising is better. Wishing you a happy new week! J 😊

Sara Barker said...

Oh, Chris, I can totally relate to the 'Girl Inside Me"! Just this weekend, my 2 besties and I had a yardsale. When a cute, polite young man came, we flirted with him. Not for us, but for our daughters who are all the same age. He was a good sport about it, thankfully! And thankfully our daughters were all safely away at college or they would have been horrified! Your AJP is beautiful! I love the colors and of course the thought behind it! Hugs! PS Love seeing the iron man photos. It must be like a treasure hunt to find them all!

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Thank you for sharing Chris!

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