Friday, 6 October 2017


My title doesn't just refer to how grateful I am to have such lovely (and patient) blog friends. Your comments are always appreciated and I will be getting around to visiting soon I hope!

While we were away I had two falls - one which led to me having bruises on my knees, arms and nose(it's the part that sticks out furthest and I fell flat on it)I had been putting my purse away in my bag and tripped over a metal divider where workmen were fixing the car park - I fell into a fence but went down onto tarmac!
Fortunately hubby and some lovely Asian gentlemen (from London!)helped me up. My nose still hurts even though it was two weeks ago!
The second time was as I tried to push my suitcase off the escalator when we arrived in Paris - the exit ridge was higher than usual and I fell over my case and sat down hard on my bottom - it was really hard to get up and hubby was behind me - along with half the folk off the train!! A kind lady and a young man helped me to my feet - and I got some dirty looks from the people coming past me off the escalator! This time my other arm was hurt along with a toe and my bottom (which still hurts…a lot!!!)

While we were in Paris we visited some churches and while sitting in one of them I was able to collect my thoughts and give thanks for how grateful I was that I hadn't broken something or been cut badly!

My journal page for Elke's theme this time at Art Journal Journey - Landscapes Of The Soul.

Over our time in France we have visited some beautiful churches and I am always in awe of the way these churches were built and decorated, especially the Mediaeval ones.
I am still struggling to get my photos off my camera - I am having to go via hubby's phone and I took…..A LOT!!!!

These were all taken in a chapel with the Cluny Museum which is dedicated to Mediaeval History,(you can access some pictures but there will be more here …eventually!)

Thanks for looking, Chris 


geistige_Schritte said...

I am very happy and thank you for doing this with my topic at AJJ. Your journal is fantastic, I like it very much!
The church photos are very interesting!
o what I read since you are twice as bad fallen, I'm so sorry for you
and I hope to hear the pain soon!
Get well

Valerie-Jael said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are a fallen woman! Hope the bruises and ouches soon go away, look after yourself! The journal page is lovely, as are the wonderful photo, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

Marjut said...

This is a wonderful page!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my gosh - really a luck that you haven't broken anything Chris! I love how this beautiful church inspired you to this "THANK GOD" page which is absolutely beautiful!
Hope you feel well now and no pain in the back or anywhere else! Take good care my friend! Thank you very much for such a fantastic page linked to the "landscapes of the soul"theme!
Happy weekend "fallen" girl!

oxo Susi

Helen said...

oh Chris, I am so sorry to hear you fell not once, but twice! hope the cuts and bumps and bruises heal soon. Loving the first pictures - and your grateful page is just perfect.

Meggymay said...

Oh Chris. it sounds like you had a couple of events that you wish hadn't happened. I hope you are not in to much pain, take care of yourself.
Your journal page looks beautiful and so do the photos of the Chapel.
Yvonne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope you soon feel better. I can't begin to imagine how difficult the trip must have been for you this time. I'm just thrilled to read you didn't break anything. I'm sure T is taking care of you, but this art journal page speaks volumes about your feelings right now.

The photos of the chapel in the Museum are lovely. I can understand getting photos off your camera. It took me six months to show all the Cosmosphere photos I had. I'm just glad you are home and SAFE. Now please, please get well for us.

Let's Art Journal said...

Sounds painful, I hope you feel better soon! You have created so much beauty on your page and I can see how you were inspired by your experience and the amazing churches you visited 😁. Your photos are stunning, you have captured the architecture beautifully and I bet it was amazing to see it up close! Thanks for sharing and wishing you a lovely weekend! J 😊

Crafty She said...

Hi there Chris. I love your page and your photos...I hope your bruises soon heal, it sounds really

My name is Erika. said...

Chris I hope you are not so sore so soon. That kind of thing always puts a damper on a trip. But your church photos of lovely. Wow, what architectural elements. They are amazing. the journal page is gorgeous and really speaks well to those photos. Hugs-Erika

craftytrog said...

Ouch! So pleased you weren't badly hurt Chris! It would have been a shame to cut short your wonderful trip!
That's a beautiful page!
Alison xxx

Rita said...

Oh no! Both falls sound awful. You are right, though, to be grateful you didn't break anything or cut yourself badly. Sounds like there were some kind, helpful people nearby, too. Glad you are okay! :)

Pandy Grenville-Evans said...

Hi Chris - guess the moral of the story is you just have to stay in and do more crafting!!!!

Hope you are ok and enjoying all the mischief you are getting up to!
xxx P

butterfly said...

Oh, ow - so sorry to hear about your falls... I hope the bruises are starting to fade now. You certainly found medicine for the soul in that glorious preserved chapel, and it made its way on to your beautiful contemplative page too. Lovely.
Alison x

Purple Tree Paints said...

Oh no poor you, glad nothing is broken. X your photos are fan I love reading what you have seen x