Wednesday, 11 October 2017

September - October….and some photos!

Thank you all for your sympathy over my aching errr…parts! I am feeling a lot better as I haven't been sitting around much, which seems to make me ache more! I did ring the doctor who told me that it could take 2 or 3 months to be totally better!!! 
On a cheerier note…isn't Autumn beautiful! We saw signs while we were away in France, but really noticing the amazing colours here…if only the skies would brighten!
I have my October calendar journal pages ready..partly filled in!

 My September pages filled mainly with notes on our trip(I am also attempting to add finishing touches to my travel journal)
I didn't add anything to it but I think what I have recorded here is exciting enough - feel free to have a read!
Now for some more France photos…
The first three are hubby's, taken in Montsouris park on our last day - it is one of my favourite Parisian parks.

 The black swans are still here
Another of my favourite parks that we ended our St Martin Canal walk at - Buttes Chaumont.
This is the Canal du Midi - we took a boat trip on our last day in Carcassonne. There are still lots of that trip to show you
More of hubby's - this tower is not far away from my SIL's house..

…but we were headed for Gencay Castle - where we picked up the keys to the castle at the Tabac! 
This final photo is in the grounds of Abbeye de La Reau- I think you will love this place when I post it!

I am STILL trying to get my photos off my phone……!!!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Valerie-Jael said...

Gorgeous calendar, love the autumn colours. Wonderful photos, too, it's my fave season. Hope your poor butt soon feels better! Hugs,Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your calendar once again puts mine to shame. I simply adore it. October is stunning and I am so glad you allow us to peek at the notes you made for your trip. You had a very busy month of September, dear.

Each of your photos is wonderful. I can't wait to read about each leg (not bottom) of your trip as you get the photos off your camera.

I know for a fact that it took my wrist up to five months before it felt better. I am so glad it is healed now, but I was in pain every day until it finally stopped hurting. It's a LONG road, but you will get there. And you had a tiny bit more padding on your fallen area than I had on my wrist, so 2-3 months is feasible.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your calendar pages are just wonderful Chris! The photos are so beautiful!
I hope your backside heals soon - poor girl!
oxo Susi

Meggymay said...

Great autumn colours for your October calendar page Chris.
The photos were lovely, I really loved seeing the black swans, they are such beautiful stately birds.
Yvonne xx

geistige_Schritte said...

really bautiful your calendar page !
The Photos are wonderful!!!
Get well soon!
Greetings Elke

My name is Erika. said...

Your September calendar has such a beautiful delicate feel Chris. And October is so full of those gorgeous fall colors. But its your photos that are really exciting. France looks beautiful in September. Just a touch of color but it still looks a little warm. And black swans-how cool. Waiting to see some more photos. Hugs-Erika

Helen said...

can't wait for you to be able to get your photos off your phone! I love the ones you have shared here, both yours and hubby's! That tower is amazing! (Kew is glorious at this time of year, if you want to see colour, pop to my photosbyh blog- can't resist the plug!)

kathyinozarks said...

So glad you are feeling better-loved all the photos you shared-and loving your new calender pages I love fall too

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm sorry it'll take so long to completely recover, but I'm glad you're feeling better and are able to be up and around. I love the photos! That park, those swans, the tower.... Beautiful!

Rita said...

Love your October calendar!
What gorgeous places to visit.
Hope you heal up sooner than later. :)

Let's Art Journal said...

What beautiful autumnal calendar pages you created for October - I love them! It looks like you had an amazing time on your travels, those views are spectacular and how lovely to see the black swans too 😁. Hope you are having a lovely week! J 😊

butterfly said...

Great calendar pages - I love that October background - and what a lovely blue sky for your last few days - magnificent photos.
Alison x