Sunday, 21 December 2014

More Christmas cards

Just a few to show you - flat ones to post!
I love this stamp from House of Zandra stamped onto watercolour paper.

Thanks for looking, Chris


Pamellia Johnson said...

Wonderful collection Chris! Just dropping in to say A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS, big holiday hugs Pamellia :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's hard to believe these were all made from a single stamp. Gorgeous.

Sorry if I'm being brief, when I don't mean to be, but I got home last night to find a wonderful package from a Chris in the UK in my mailbox (grin). Had I not been so sick, I would have responded immediately, but I swear, I'm never sick. But I'm really achy, drips coming out of both ends and all orifices, alternating between chills and sweats, head feels like it's in a vice, and sicker than I've been in so long I can't remember.

I have to admit. You knew EXACTLY what to send me. Everything from a tea ornament to the adorable, fantastic rocking horses, to the British flag ribbon I can use in my 7-Continent AB. I only wish I felt better to truly show how thrilled I am. If I felt better, I'd be jumping for joy. Of course, I can't forget the gorgeous card I admired from afar that now sits proudly on my desk. Even though I'm sick now, the good news is, I have your address (grin). For now, all I can say is thank you beyond belief.

Georgie C said...

Look at these little beauties, that's is such a pretty stamp and I love the way you've coloured them xx Merry Christmas to you and yours xxx

butterfly said...

That's a real treat of a stamp - beautiful colouring, and I love the variations from card to card. Gorgeous, Chris!
Alison xx