Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Journey's end!

I have finally found time to post this last part of our holiday to Austria! As our flight was cheaper and direct from Budapest we ended up with part of an afternoon and evening(if you missed it it's here)
We also had most of a morning and were lucky enough to be only a short walk away from the Danube! It also turned out that an art/craft shop was on the corner of the first road we turned down(oh yeah!)
This was just around the corner - 
and this

It had rained over night but by the time we had eaten breakfast it had started to dry up and was still quite warm!
One man and his dog
We walked down to the Parliament building to see it in daylight,
 then down to the bridge and looked at the view we had seen illuminated the night before

The guards seemed very relaxed!

We saw a school group leaving the parliament building and heading for a river trip ( sorry, we were both teachers and it brings back memories - just standing observing we both agreed that children on school trips are the same the world over!)
Bibo Istvan - who was famous for being the last man to leave the parliament building in the 1955 revolution.
From here we could see Margaret Island through the bridge
and hubby's camera got a shot of this - St Matthias church over the river in Buda
Then we though we had better head back…...past this,
I have still to find out who these people were!
We also passed this florists booth
 Oh! How I would have loved to bring one of these home!
Fabulous cakes...
and of course the art shop - no photos - forgot in my rush to get through the doors!
We had a wonderful trip, of all the places we visited Innsbruck was my favourite, but I will also look forward to planning a return visit to Budapest - we only saw a small part of it(although the transfer taxi driver was kind enough to point out some of the sights as we went to the airport) and I definitely want to get across that bridge to Buda!! 

Thanks for looking, I may still have a few random photos to show you,but for now I hope you enjoyed sharing our trip! Chris


Helen said...

what a great end to your trip - so glad you shared these photos as it's porbably the closest I'll get to any of these places.

Pamellia Johnson said...

Love that statue of the man with his dog! ha! Great photos Chris, I almost feel like I went on the trip with you, so glad you shared with us! big hugs :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This has been such a fun trip with you. I've enjoyed it immensely. The lovely architecture, your tales, and all the fun I had just "tagging along."

Nice to know you were a teacher in a former life. I can see why you are always so interested in learning. I really enjoyed your take on the "queue," too,

Artyjen said...

Happy days in Budapest! Thanks for sharing ;)
Been lucky to go twice and I would happily go a third time ;)
You will love the Buda side ;) Go for it
xoxo Sioux

Dianne said...

Had to grab a cuppa, these armchair travels is what I missed the most, I did enjoy sharing your trip the photos are fabulous, I love all those wreaths, you's two must have been very special teacher indeed, the building are amazing, it has been my pleasure to share this with us, THANK YOU SO MUCH......