Sunday, 12 October 2014

A lovely day….

The venue for my son's wedding couldn't have been more romantic.

It didn't impress our two grandsons though!
The groom waiting…
The happy couple 
My daughter in law made her own bouquet - there are such lovely things in this - she says she's not a crafter - what do you think?
There were so many lovely touches to make this Autumn wedding more special.

A beautiful Autumn themed cake
It had to be cut though!
First dance as man and wife
Our granddaughter prefers to take photographs!
Before I could dance hubby had to fetch my flatties!
That's me with the pink and blue face
The weather stayed mainly fine and I'm looking forward to seeing the official photos.
I have had real problems adding theses photos in the right order - blogger kept throwing everything to the top or deleting altogether so some do not have captions - they are pretty much in order though!

Off to make a start on the packing!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Dianne said...

Oh Miss Chris everything is BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL , BEAUTIFUL, so enchantingly magic, that bouquet, them beautiful thing I have seen, you know I love all those buttons all that bling, my kind of bouquet she certainly has an artist flare gorgeous, all the decorations just made it magical, thanks so much for sharing this special wedding, it was a privilege, and you card for them, a TREASURE they will keep forever, it's superb, gee it's thanks giving weekend here in Canada,, I'm thankful I found you in blog land, you never fail to inspire me, hope you have a wonderful weekend, (((( BIG HUGS ))))

Dianne said...

I'm off for Thanks Giving dinner at my great Niece's house, she is studding to be a cook, can't wait to see what she makes...

Dianne said...

sorry for all the mistakes, I'm out the door, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.... :O)..

Zue said...

What a lovely wedding day....the bride and groom look so happy. So great to have such a unique bouquet.
I hope you get your desired weather for your travels. I will be travelling too the week after, though my better half stays here on cat duty.
Thank you for your comments on my blog.
Have a great week, Chris!
Zue xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a gorgeous place to have a wedding. The venue looked beautiful and so did the bride. Your son looked radiant, handsome, and happy. It truly WAS a glorious day for EVERYONE. Thanks for sharing it.

Helen said...

It all looks absolutely beautiful - and if I ever got married again (ha ha) I'd love it to be somewhere like that! The photos are gorgeous, everyone (well the adults anyhow) look so happy!! Love the bouquet and the cake too.

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a truly beautiful wedding! I love that bouquet, the venue, that dream of a dress and all the fabulous little details that must have made it so special. Thank you for sharing, Chris. I really enjoyed this post. xxx

Redanne said...

Your D-i-L made a fabulous job of her bouquet, I love all the beautiful buttons and the cake looks amazing! The beautiful hall reminds me of Bramall Hall - your venue looks wonderful. Glad it all went so beautifully. Hugs, Anne xx

Lindsay Mason said...

It looks a wonderful day at a stunning venue and a very happy couple. Beautiful cake, unique bouquet...just lovely! Glad everything went well.xxxx

Artyjen said...

Fabulous bouquet.....that's crafting alright!!! :)
Have a wonderful time on your hols ;)
xoxo Sioux

ElizabethR said...

Looks fabulous and I love that bouquet, very clever crafty lady! Elizabeth xxx

Sarah Anderson said...

Great to see these photos! Fab autumn touches to decorations, amazing bouquet, and love your outfit!!

Gez Butterworth said...

Oh Chris, I'm glad you didn't give up and managed to blog your wedding pics. What a magical day ♥ And what a clever, crafty bride. :)) Totally AMAZING day ♥♥ Good luck & best wishes to the happy couple. xxxo

Juliz Design Post said...

What an amazing place for a Wedding. Love the bouquet your daughter in law made herself. Such a keepsake and so personal. Looks like you all had a memorable day.
Julie x

Ruth said...

Apparently it did go wonderfully, thanks for sharing such a lovely day. Ruth x