Saturday, 25 October 2014

Let's start at the very beginning……..

although it may be more appropriate to sing "fah, a long, long way to go"……..our journey started at 5.15am when the taxi picked us up! we were on our way to Austria!! 
Yes folks, let the saga begin!! We lost count of the number of photos we took but it was getting on for 2,000!
If, you've got refreshments with you right now you'll be fine! (Oh! and be warned, this is only day 1)
I decided to change how I recorded this trip, knowing there were going to quite a few train journeys I took a water colour pad and pencils, pitt pens, glue, scissors and a few scraps of paper.
This first pic could be a spoiler so I photographed it upside down (turn it around if you must!!)
We landed in Geneva on time around 11.00 which gave us enough time to walk through to the railway station via a supermarket to get a lunch to eat on the train which left at 12.20.
Lake Leman(or L Geneva if you prefer) on one side….
…..trees and houses on the other This lady didn't mind if she was in the photo!
I had no idea that the lake was so long!
We weren't far away from the information screen
We turned away from this lake halfway along it and went up alongside Lake Neuchatel

Hubby had told me how beautiful Switzerland was but the views were breathtaking at times!

A blurry pic of a Lindt chocolate factory
We reached Zurich at around 3.00 with around an hour and three quarters to fill so rather than stay in the station we dragged our cases across the tram lines and the river to find a proper Swiss cafe!
Oh! There were a few cakes around too!
Then it was back to station via a call in to a museum - no body seemed to mind our cases!

The roof was beautiful!. There were repairs taking place so  the other  photos  weren't so thrilling
Yes that's me! Had to pick up my case to go across some gravel
This is what I did as far as Zurich - a bit wobbly, but my version of what we saw, hubby was photographer in chief
as you can see he got my reflection here
By now the sun was shining all the time…..

…but it soon went dark and photos had to stop
This angel of a cloud at sunset taken with my phone!
We arrived in Innsbruck, Austria at 8.20 - a short walk around some corners to find Hotel Central - just time to freshen up and go to the Restaurant
Pork with Squash(Kurbis) and Parmesan risotto  - delicious!!
We were in definite need of a leg stretch before bed and only walked down a couple of short roads to see this….
Innsbruck's famous Golden Roof…and this beautiful pink building

We were about five minutes walk away from the old town and looked forward to our next day before a really good night's sleep!
My page from Zurich to Innsbruck looks like this
As you can see we passed another chocolate factory - Milka

Thanks for looking, hope you can come back for day two! Chris


Dianne said...

Hello Miss Chris, thanks for stopping by my nest and leaving your lovely comments. I so enjoyed my cuppa tea and the wonderful journey, what a beautiful country, I agree breathtaking sites, the food looks yummy, I loved your sketches the best, I want to take a sketch book with me on my next trip to England, I usually keep a journal but the sketches are a wonderful account of your trip. Thanks so much for sharing your saga, I love visiting and enjoying my armchair journey, couldn't do it with out you, Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'm back to my desk :).. ((( BIG HUGS )))

Zue said...

I really love your little drawings and watercolours. That is a great way to record your journey.
The photos are must have been an amazing holiday.
Switzerland certainly is very pretty!
Zue xx

Helen said...

Whilst the photos are splendid, I really love your sketches - what a totally personal way to record the trip ! Can't wait to see more.

Sarah Anderson said...

I was just about to write the same as Helen!! Photos are amazing but I love, love, love your little travel journal and look forward to seeing more pages! X

Pamellia Johnson said...

Helen just took the words right out of my mouth! I love that you drew your version of the trip, it's an amazing keepsake! hugs :)

Carole said...

What a splendid adventure...thanks for sharing the lovely photos and your wonderful well Carole

Artyjen said...

Lurve your sketch book ;) What a fab first day....Mr B thinks longingly of the Milka factory!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lots of water in this post. Love the photos of the hillsides in Switzerland. Those were stunning.

Really enjoyed the beauty of Zurich, and the way you have managed to keep your journal so bright and colorful.