Monday, 27 October 2014

Austria - Day 2

 Innsbruck…….the purpose of our travels this time was to give me a flavour of the places we visited, hubby had visited Austria several times before we met. Well, I LOVE Innsbruck. As I told you in the last post we were only a short walk away from the Aldstadt (Old Town).
The view in the morning when we got up was ….cloudy… 

...but with a promise of sun we went off to breakfast.

Lots of choices to make - but I'm afraid I wasn't tempted by carrot juice at breakfast time!
When we got back to our room, having spoken to the maid in the corridor(in my very poor German!)before we went, we found this
…really made us smile! How clever! 
So, out on the town, lots to to see…I'll only comment if I think I need to…promise!

the view from the Golden Roof Balcony….
…which rather cleverly reflects the pictures on the walls onto
mirrors on the floor
Then we had a visit to the very best museum we have ever visited!
carders anyone?

fabulous printing display!
A whole room full of a celebration of death!
There was also a full room of Miniature Nativity scenes
..and modern...
..and a room with films of how the miniatures were made.
The museum was the Tiroler Volkunztsmuseum, and as well as all I've show you here there were displays of traditional rooms through the ages, a exhibition..

with an interactive mask display - one of the ones hubby chose to have interposed on his normally handsome features!
As well as all this, the museum linked to the Hofkirche - both in the gallery and on the floor of the church.A beautiful tranquil place.
Emperor Maximillian's cenotaph and the statues of his protectors

So, it was off to lunch for us…
..and a break for you..
Thanks for looking, back later, Chris


Pamellia Johnson said...

Wow, beautiful architecture! Love the beds with the heart comforters! hugs :)

Sarah Anderson said...

How on earth did you get that photo of the beds, looks like you were hanging from the lightshade lol!!
Gorgeous pics, makes me want to visit!

ElizabethR said...

Looks fabulous and yes please to the carders lol, (feltmaker :) ) Elizabeth xxx

Helen said...

Loving it! Love the bed....

Artyjen said...

I so want those chairs and the wood blocks ;) How's been ages since I was in Innsbruck..think you are making a return, a to do real soon :)
xoxo Sioux

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I adore those nativity scenes, as well as the masks. Of course, that church was stunning with its beautiful floor. How you got a photo of that bed is beyond me, but it is wonderful.