Wednesday, 11 December 2013


The date today here in the UK is 11.12.13 (and the day before my 66th birthday on 12.12!)but no date is needed because it's Wednesday - What's on your Work Desk Wednesday for those in the know and all hosted by lovely Julia who gives us the chance to show and snoop (for 'snoop' read 'gasp, admire, envy, smile and only very occasionally think "Phew! Glad that's not my mess to sort out!)

So here's mine, more of a shrug your shoulders and move on kind of desk at the moment, but a definite improvement on the dumped on desk of a fortnight ago!
 I've been making Christmas stamped backgrounds on my paper sandwich bags, which, by the way, have now found a permanent home in my craft room, He! He!. At the back of my desk a notebook to alter, to the right my brilliant December almanac stamp that I bought in Noz on our visit to France in the Summer, and on my mat a piece of stamped bag to go on a card! So, as you can see I still have some cards to make to be hand delivered! 
I've had a bit of a tough time lately but I'm sure I've been through the worst and feeling a lot more positive now, the sun is shining and we've been invited out to lunch today.

I'll try to visit as many desks as I can, I failed miserably last time so please accept my apologies!

Wishing you a lovely day, Thanks for looking, Chris   


glitterandglue said...

Golly, I hadn't registered the date - what fun! A VERY happy birthday for tomorrow - enjoy lunch today, I trust you will be able to really enjoy your celebration tomorrow, and find things looking up for you.
Margaret #65

Donna Wheat said...

Oooh another December birthday (mine is today), have a lovely birthday tomorrow, Donna #42

Neet said...

Have a lovely birthday Chris - I clocked the date on the 10th (that it was going to be 11/12/13 the day after and then promptly forgot about it. Doh - old age.
Hugs, Neet xx 14

Jackie said...

Have a lovely day tomorrow for your birthday ... My daughters is this month as well !
Jackie 40

Annie said...

Very Happy Birthday for tomorrow....hope it's a great one.
A x # 41

butterfly said...

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, Chris, putting all cares and troubles behind you. I'm sure I had your email address - we must have communicated pre-TH day, no? - but I can't seem to lay hands on it now...
Alison x

Lisa-Jane said...

I shall have to go through your previous posts to see these bags but I like the sound of them. Happy birthday for tomorrow! #44

Zue said...

Oh Chris, happy birthday!
Hope you had a brilliant day today!
Bet you got up to lots of 'going out' things, like lunch and coffee and shopping. I hope you had a day full of treats!
Sue xxx

Joanne said...

Im sorry I missed your birthday Chris. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Redanne said...

Hi Chris, sorry I have been missing a while. I have not felt like doing much since my accident but am here now and just want to wish you a very belated Happy Birthday! I do hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Take care. Hugs, Anne x