Saturday, 7 December 2013

365/12 calendar journal

I'm still here! It's just that a lot has been going on around these parts - some lovely, some not so lovely and some downright horrible!  I won't go into the last part but believe me I've been dragged down by it a little bit! On the lovely side my brilliant hubby has been there to hang on to, my family have been great and we have managed a few outings! My youngest son took me for a day out at the Manchester Christmas market and lunch, hubby and I have been to the cinema(Hunger Games 2 - fantastic film) and at last I managed some crafty time! Oh! and we've had new windows put in - on Thursday, with a gale howling! It's lovely and warm now though.

First, because it's getting late (again!) is my December page for Kate's Kathrynwheel 365/12 calendar journal

I decided on a frosty theme but couldn't think how to start, looked at my inks and there it was - a drippy blowy page - got rid of some of my stress too....
  ...all that huffing and puffing!!!
Here is the completed page
It is the same page, just a different light coming in through the window!
I hope you will forgive me for not sharing my completed November pages but I think they are best not shared!

At least I've got through the worst - I hope, and I've got my birthday to look forward to this week

Thanks for looking, I'll be back soon,


patcrafts said...

Oh Chris I don't know what it is all about but I hope it is all over with now and you are feeling your usual happy self at least that's how I know you, lots of hugs.
I am in Manchester tomorrow with my grand-daughter to meet her father and do some shopping, a visit to the Christmas market will be on the cards.
Your December page is lovely and what a good idea a drippy blowy page, i must remember that for the future pages.
I am sending you love and peace Pat xx

Sarah Anderson said...

Sending you lots of love and big hugs, and praying things are getting better for you. Love this page, December is definitely turning out to be blowy and I'm sure there will be plenty of drips of rain or snow too!!

Carol Yates said...

Morning Chris, hope you back to your cheerful self, 'Don't let life get you down!' Take care.

butterfly said...

So hoping that the good things will very soon come to outweigh whatever it is that's causing you grief, and that you're able to enjoy your birthday as you deserve too.

I love the idea of you huffing and puffing your stress away, and you've ended up with a cracking page spread as a result too.
Alison xx