Tuesday, 24 December 2013


I'm just having a few quiet minutes and have hopped on to say 'Merry Christmas!" I have been neglecting you and my poor old blog for nearly two weeks now! Events kind of escalated again but now thankfully "all is calm". This was all related to the retirement complex where we live (I won't bore you with details!) Hopefully we are now on a smooth path towards 1914! 
So since you missed my Christmas cards I'll show you what I got up to! I started with all good intentions - a variety of stamps techniques etc. but got a bit behind and decided to limit myself a bit!
TH onto pearl card
A metal stencil I've had for ages and a Creative Expressions stag
? Tree with my NOZ December Almanac page as a background
 ? Tree and Paper Artsy Egg and Nog 1 scrolls and words

Once I'd broken into the Paper Artsy box my cards took a different turn and the rest are a combination of Paper Artsy E and N 1 along with Nut and Meg, JOFY mini JM01 Christmas tree, Lindsay Mason's Tinchies, Beth Hughes' Seasons Greetings and Paula Pascal's Essential Christmas


 Most of my other cards took a similar turn but this one is for you!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Zue said...

Thanks, Chris. Hope you have a wonderful one too.
Sue xxxx

Zue said...

Fab cards, by the way?

Julie Ann Lee said...

Have a very merry Christmas, Chris. All the cards look fabulous. I especially like the PA ones, but they are all beautiful. Thank you for this lovely post, your Christmas wishes and your visit to my blog earlier. Hope tomorrow is lovely, peaceful and relaxing and that 2014 brings you all you wish for. Julie Ann xx

She King said...

I hope you and yours have the most fantastic Christmas Chris. I'll be in touch properly very soon, I promise! Love your cards....Thank you so much for mine, it's lovely and the inside made us smile :)!!! Glad it's not just me that happens to!! Lots of love. S xxxx

JoZart said...

All is calm and I hope all is bxright!. Happy Christmas Chris and a creative 2014

butterfly said...

What a wonderful array of cards - I hope this fabulous creativity has given you some respite amidst the turmoil you've been going through, and I hope it will all be plain sailing from here on in.

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!
Alison xx