Sunday, 8 December 2013

Thank You Alison!

When I saw Alison's (sadly) final guest design trio for Paper Artsy I was absolutely inspired. Only thing is with the turn of events here I had little time to play and only got this finished yesterday, so in by the skin of my teeth here is the Christmas light I made.
Hubby had just finished a jar of his favourite night time drink and I immediately saw the potential to follow Alison's example.
Gessoed using kitchen towel to make a frosty sky, stamped with the houses from Lynne Perrella's collection LPCO12, dabbed on some more gesso mixed with glitter to give starry look
Here it is last night on my shelf
The base was just a napkin glued on with some lace.

So this was all just to say Thanks Alison for all the lovely projects you make that are so inspiring. 

Thanks for looking, Chris

Hoping to make the link to Paper Artsy before midday 


Craftyfield said...

At last someone else tried this project! The stamping on the rounded jar wasn't easy was it... Great idea to make the jar frosty, gives it a completely different look and feel.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! I love that frosty look on your jar! This is so magical and Christmassy! I saw some of those little houses in a window yesterday and I thought how much nicer yours that you made are! I wanted to do a second make for Alison's lovely semester, but time just dissolved! Julie Ann xx

ionabunny said...

This is really lovely. A great nightlight. I love the glittery texture

Darcy UK said...

Beautiful, I love the snowy effect.

Sarah Anderson said...

How beautifully Christmassy, great snow effect!

butterfly said...

Magnificent, Chris - I absolutely love the frosty sparkle effect you've created - it looks utterly wonderful. Now I'm going to give that a try as soon as I again - so thank you for the reciprocal inspiration!! And thank you so much for joining in over at PaperArtsy and your kind words.
Alison xx

butterfly said...

And Yay!... I've just seen that you got pulled out of the hat over at PA - hope that adds to the positive side of the scale...
Alison xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is so gorgeous! Don't things looks so amazing when lit up, well worth the effort!

Lucy x

Buttons said...

You really used Alison's inspiration to its full potential here Chris. This light is gorgeous. Hope you are feeling a little better now. Jenny x

Zue said...

So different! Brilliant:)
Sue x