Wednesday, 2 October 2013

WOYWW 226 In a rush!

What's on my worktop? A bit of rushed activity that's what, so please excuse the rushed photo. Why the rush? - I'm off to Italy at the weekend and I'm trying to get a journal ready! So why am I at my computer showing you a photo? - because I just love being part of Julia's happy family of desk sharers(see here for details)
The desk
I'm using the last small moleskin in the pack along with some Crafty Individuals papers and pics, lots of inks, some stamps all of which are around my desk. At the back of the desk you will see my Kaisercraft letters(my fave at the moment)or rather you can see two sets propped up - one is minus the 'y' which went missing in action last week. Came back after lunch and - GONE!! - searched everywhere! Fortunately I was able to buy a new set at Happy Stampers at the weekend and if the missing in letter turns up I have at least a spare set (minus mr y) to take away to the caravan. 
The journal is open so that ink can dry - want a quick look?
A bit of masking, and monochrome stamping as well as the ghosting stamping with a torn CI page taped in. Still a way to go and I'll be back in two weeks to show you some more!

Off now to add some some more then to tackle the ironing - Rita's on holiday!!! 

See you later, Chris


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh how fab Chris, a trip to Italy and, wow a fab journal...which means that you will be well motivated to use it and record your adventure. Have a wonderful time!!

fairy thoughts said...

hi you have your priorities right dont you . . the arx journal before the ironing lol
have a lovely trip happy wednesdaay

Annie said...

Bet you're really looking forward to your trip to Italy. Hope you have a wonderful time there.
A x # 48

Carol Yates said...

Have a great time in Italy, well I know you will anyway. Take care.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Lucky, lucky you! Italy is just my favourite place! That peep in your journal is sooo tantalizing! The colours and images look gorgeous! Have a lovely time and thank you so much for the visit. We are back from the Globe Theatre now and it was terrific. The costumes have inspired a project, all those lovely textures and muted colours - fabulous! Julie Ann xx #56

Carole said...

Safe travels...enjoy your holiday. The drying pages are so lovely. Thanks for the visit.Carole #79

Karen Busby said...

Italy! You lucky thing. Love the are very artistic. Have a good holiday.
Best Wishes,
Karen no.55 x

Anne said...

How wonderful - a trip to Italy - somewhere I've yet to visit. Have a wonderful time. Love your journal page. Anne x #61

Sarah said...

Lots of loveliness on your desk ... enjoy your trip!! xx Sarah #78

butterfly said...

Another glorious looking journal for your travels... how lovely to be heading off to Italy just as our sunshine seems to have disappeared again. Hope you have a wonderful trip!
Alison xx

Neet said...

It was nice to see you too Chris, even though only briefly, on Saturday. I spent most of the day chatting. Nothing new there.
Love your journal pages, gorgeous backgrounds - how did you do them? Hope we get a real close up soon.
Take care and hope the "y" turns up.
Hugs, Neet xx 23

Christine said...

have a wonderful time wherever you are going in Italy .... looking forward to seeing your completed journal!

Bishopsmate #97

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Well, I feel quite rushed now reading that. I hope you get all that you needed done before you take off so that your can enjoy your stay more. Darn that Mister Y for going AWOL. You never know what odd place he'll show up at. Great journal!

Nan G said...

OMG! Italy! How fab! Have a wonderful time. Thanks for stopping abit to show us your desk. I would showed a packed suitcase. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan G #8

Artyjen said...

Ooh! Have a fabulous time ;) xoxo Sioux
P.S. I had the same problem with a stamp this week....can i find it? Can I heck!!! LOL

Sarah Anderson said...

I think stamps have legs, a bit like pens! They just vanish, then return, and you've never moved from the spot so how else can they disappear so effectively ;) Have a fab, fab time in Italy

Peg Robinson said...

Italy sounds wonderful. So glad you could journal before ironing. I lose things all the time. Must be gremlins. Have fun. Peg R 29

Anonymous said...

Have a brilliant time Chris, hope you got the wonderful journal finished and you can take it with you and record your lovely trip. I lost my favourite Christmas sentiment form a set, it's never turned up and the company are no longer in business so I can't replace it.

Brenda 6

Zue said...

Perfect time of year. You will so enjoy it. Looking forward to your travelogue when you return:)
Have fun. Xxx