Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Italy journal - 3 for 1

I'm trying to move on with my little journal as I'm now feeling the need for a change but know if I don't do it now I may never finish it - I'm sure you know what I mean! A little bit like our journey around central Italy - rushed but enough in there to remind me of our lovely time!
I loved Florence, but then I knew I would, I had seen photos that two of my boys took when they had their trips while at uni and have just been waiting for my chance! 
We stopped off for a few hours while on our way to hotel number two! Not nearly enough time and always knew that we would plan a longer trip!

The next day a slightly later start and we went off to San Gimignano - a fascinating place with 14(I think) towers. The car park was at the bottom of a steep hill but the views from the top before we entered the city walls were amazing! The city itself branches off just one main street but down each one there were treasures to see! 
 We then went off to Siena - a stunning city because of it's red brick buildings. The central square(which is actually shell shaped)- the Piazza del Campo is used for the famous horse races each summer and the town has flags everywhere representing the different neighbourhoods. There is also a connection with Romulus and Remus so lots of pictures and statues around.

So, two more cities left, I'm hoping to show you these soon.
Here are some photos that didn't get in the journal.
Crowds  at the Ponto Vecchio

On the way to see the David statue
       San Gimignano


Thanks for looking, Chris


Julie Ann Lee said...

Gorgeous photos that brought back memories! Have you ever been to Assisi? That's just lovely too! It's funny, but as I was looking at the first journal pic, I thought, 'This reminds me of Lynne Perrella's designs somehow and then - lo and behold - in the next pic there was a Lynne Perrella stamp! Thanks for sharing these lovely images of magical places! Julie Ann xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hold on Julie - Assisi was city number 7!! I agree with you- beautiful!

Neet said...

Lovely photos Chris, I felt I was there in the sunshine.
Hugs, Neet x

Artyjen said...

Lovely images of Florence and Sienna that remind me of a happy holiday with my girlfriends last year ;) So looking forward to returning to Florence next year for our honeymoon :) You only had a couple of hours there?!! You need a full week I reckon!! LOL
xoxo Sioux

butterfly said...

Oh, yes, Florence - that's brought back more Inter-railing memories. One of the places we just couldn't leave... I think we ended up spending nearly a quarter of our month there. Even then (a quarter of a century ago) the crowds were pretty ubiquitous, but even they couldn't spoil the city!

San Gimignano looks absolutely glorious... thank you for offering up the temptation!
Alison xx