Friday, 18 October 2013

Italy - fair Verona!

Ok - not so fair as it rained most of the time! I really loved this city - lots of little courtyards to look at - including the courtyard that holds Juliet's balcony - except that I was dismayed to find it was a 20th century addition for tourists to see. It did have a romantic feel to it though as there were love notes stuck to the wall in the corner and lots of locks hooked onto a railing! If you have ever seen a film called 'Letters to Juliet' you get a few good views of Verona and the surrounding countryside.
This was the best shot of the balcony as there were loads of people around with umbrellas

I am making a bit of progress with completing my journal - here are the balcony pages
The main square was slightly spoilt by a lot of market stalls, at least that's what I thought at first - then I found some little treats!
We had time to wander around the side streets and came across these bikes casually leant against an old well
Something you wouldn't see at home!
We enjoyed our lunch but wish we'd seen this place first!
This quiet square features this fantastic stairway

The Roman arena which is now used for concerts. There were preparations for one on the day we went which we watched a little of on tv at night.
The painting on the wall looked a little worn but beautiful all the same.
I had a little attempt at some little water colours - not brilliant but I just loved the arches.

Thanks for looking, tales of Venice next!


Monique said...

Gotta love Verona, I was there 2 years ago and the balcony square was full of people then too =).
Love your journal pages!
xx Monique

Annie said...

This looks so beautiful Chris and I love your journalling pages. Have a wonderful time x

Crafty hugs Annie x

Zue said...

Chris, I would have loved such a day... romantic Verona in the rain....I can't imagine a greater bliss.
Sue xxxxx

Zue said...

Your beautiful page is a wonderful memory for you!
Sue xxxxx

Redanne said...

Hi Chris, you have made me want to visit Verona! It is very beautiful, even in the rain. Love your journal pages and your photo of the balcony is just brilliant. Hugs, Anne x

Artyjen said...

Thanks for the insite into Verona :) It's always the same have this idea that you will savour iconic places in solitude and find the rest of humanity has turned up on the same day!!! ROFL
Can't wait for Venice.
xoxo Sioux

butterfly said...

More beautiful pictures of what looks like a lovely trip. Italy just gets it right in so many ways: architecture, food, music, art, glorious language, weather (apart from your rain)... pity about the politics.
Alison x

Karen Busby said...

Love your journal. You are a very good guide to Italy and I loved reading your blog. As usual, you made me smile :)
Karen xxx