Monday 21 October 2013

Italy journal -Venice

Oh! Venice - I loved you but I don't think I'll be back! Those of you that know me well know that I am not a water baby so boat trips are not my favourite thing!! Of course, getting to Venice from a coach park requires a boat journey, then there's the pre-booked gondola(thanks to hubby!)and then the boat journey back to the coach park! That all sounds ok, the water(apparently) isn't that deep and friends had assured me that it was always like a mill pond! Huh!! Our tour manager (lovely David) said on the way in to Venice on the first boat trip said he'd never seen it that choppy in all his times to Venice! THEN…..our tour guide, a local Venetian said that they were expecting an exceptionally high tide and seemed to be rushing us to the gondola station…..we were one of the last three gondolas to go out! Six of us set off in ours and got to the first bridge, the gondolier tipped us over on to one side to get the front of the gondola under the bridge and then on to the other side to get himself under. I couldn't believe it when we went out on to the Grand Canal with big boats passing very close! I will tell you no more except to say hubby filmed my reaction at one point to show the family!!! Getting back to the gondola station was a big relief but….I DID IT!!! Me - a gondola - Yay!! 

Yes, the grey hair bottom left is mine!!(probably gain a few more during the trip!)

Venice is certainly beautiful, I loved the views down the narrow lanes, the crumbly buildings, the bridges, the canals(except while I was on one!)the shops and St Marks Square - which floods so much that they put up walkways when it's high tide(aqua alta)! Here are some photos in no particular order!

Two very grand looking gondolas
I missed this but hubby took a photo 
A shop that makes masks
Love the texture here 

A staircase built just to show that the family were important
A fascinating place!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Julie Lee said...

Oh, I do love Venice! Those photos bring back memories. I love your journal pages - fabulous evocative colours! Sorry to hear of the traumatic, watery events! Well done you for triumphing over it all and managing to enjoy your visit anyway! Julie Ann xx

Artyjen said...

Sorry about the choppy ride........but thanks for sharing somewhere that is definately on my bucket list ;)
xoxo Sioux

Unknown said...

Morning Chris, sooner you than me on choppy water, sounds like a white knuckle ride to me! Lovely photos and journal pages. Take care.

Words and Pictures said...

What glorious photos, Chris, really capturing the beauty of the city... and all while you were white-knuckle-riding the gondola! The pictures look great in your travel journal...

Like Sioux, I must visit before the whole place sinks forever. Did stop off there very briefly when Inter-railing nearly 30 years ago, but it was raining so we bought a couple of rolls at the station and set off again in search of the sun - oh, the folly of youth!
Alison xx

Redanne said...

Thank you so much for showing us the gorgeous pictures of one of my favourite cities Chris, I love Venice but then I do love water too! What a wonderful experience, except for the choppy water rides. Your journal is filling up with some gorgeous pictures. Hugs, Anne x

Jenny Marples said...

The place of my dreams Chris. You've captured it beautifully here. Jenny x

Sandy said...

Love your pictures - it certainly makes me want to go back to Italy where I lived for about a year. I do not wish for the gondola ride that you had! I think I would have wet my pants!
sandy xx