Thursday, 24 October 2013

Italy journal - cities 6 and 7 (and stop press)

In between appointments I have managed to complete the final two cities on our trip. Both visits involved early starts - leaving the hotel at 7 in the morning - but both so worth it!
Rome was our 6th city and the driver wanted to beat the rush hour! He didn't quite make it but it was interesting watching the Italian way of driving from our front seat view! Every one felt sorry for us I think as we had been on the back seat for three trips and strangely when we got on the seat was empty! 
We had a guided tour by coach and walking which gave us a good insight into what was best to see.

Rome was just fascinating in every way and we threw our coins into the Trevi Fountain to ensure our return!
The next day we left our hotel as we were going back up to Verona ready for our return home the next day. However, a trip to Assisi was first. The weather began to change as we got nearer to the city and by the time we got there we had the worst rain of the holiday. We went into the first church we came to and I was absolutely gob-smacked - no photos allowed but the memory will live forever!
The rain did eventually stop and before we went to the Cathedral of St Francis we had a coffee only to come out and find the place enshrouded in mist!
Again a beautiful place and not time to do it justice.
Here are the photos that didn't make it into the journal


I still have more pages to fill with more random pictures but not for now, we are going away with our grandchildren for a few days.

Now for the Stop press item - we are going back next Spring to Rome and Florence ( and hope to get another day in Assisi)Yay!!!
A bit of an adventure - we are flying to Rome then catching a train there and back to Florence so we can have a few days there too!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Carol Yates said...

It sounds and looks like you had a great time Chris. Throwing coins in the Trevi fountain works too, doesn't it! Thank you for sharing with us, have a lovely time with your grandchildren. Take care.

Annie said...

Hi Chris x I have really enjoyed your journal certainly had the most wonderful time. I have been to Rome and fell in love with it. TFS and have a lovely weekend
Annie x

Zue said...

I must admit to a little envy; and you are going again. What a lovely thing to look forward to next spring!
Sue x

Sarah Anderson said...

Looks like it was an amazing trip; and another to look forward to in the spring! Yay!!

johanna said...

i really enjoyed your italian journey, the photos and the journaling as well. there are some good tips to travel to... had to grin about lynne perrella - well, she also must get her Inspiration from somewhere;)

how fun, i decided to become a follower and i am number 100!!