Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I'm here!

Well here I am in blogland at last. It's taken a day or two(eight actually!), having taken time out to play with grandchildren and take a poorly car to the garage. 
I must say I've admired a lot of blogs and the goodies you've done for some time but now I am totally in awe - this has been a real challenge for me!
I must thank Gez, Lindsay,Joanne and Sheila for encouraging me and hope I don't let you down.
Made a couple of cards for Autumn birthdays and will attempt to show you! Oops! Didn't intend it going there! 
I promise I will eventually get the hang of this.
Meanwhile, thanks for looking and I really would welcome your comments


Heather said...

Welcome to the world of "blog", Chris .... lovely autumnal birthday cards .... photos do have a mind of their own it seems when it comes to posting them in blogs, but you'll soon get the hang of it all! :o) Heather x

Gez said...

Helloooooooo Chris! Woohoo..lovely to visit your blog my dear. yeah! Great cards love your backgrounds.xx
Sorry to hear about your car.. hope it's all fixed now. Wishing you lots of happy blogging.. shout if we can help in any way.. can't wait to see more of your fabulous crations.
Best wishes. Love Gez.xx

Joanne said...

I think you have done a fab job with your blog. It takes time to build them and you never stop 'twiddling'. I like those cards too.
Luv Joanne xx

She said...

Hi Chris, sorry it's taken me so long to find you! You are looking good my friend. Love your cards. S xxx