Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Busy doing....

At last, a day in, nowhere to go and nothing to do but create buuut... why couldn't I get going? Well, after my busy week I had left so much to put away that I had to have a bit of a sort out first! Fortunately yesterday I bought 2 more storage boxes so I have transferred some of the things I use most into those and they can now sit on a shelf close by to where I work. I don't have a craft room so the dining table is the only flat surface that I can use but that needs clearing every night-I get indigestion if I don't sit a table:( Hopefully I can just scoop everything into my boxes now.

Yesterday I met my youngest son in Manchester to go for a look at the Christmas market. It was his birthday but he treated me to lunch, and as we wanted to be quick we went to Katsouris, a deli which serves delicious hot food and fast, though it was a bit of a scrum for a table.
The stalls have spread even further this year but my favourites are the French stalls in King Street. I'm definitely going back, probably later in the day next time so that the lights look better and I can take some photos.

I'm out for lunch again tomorrow with my over 60's gym group(yes it is as much fun as it sounds!)so I need to make today count LOL 

This morning I have made some more Christmas cards and started some atcs and tags, looking at the photos it looks as though the glue shows although this is not the case in reality.

 As you can see Crafty Individuals to the rescue again!

So, lunch now, and then get on with completing some things.... and I suppose I should get something ready for tonight too!!

Thanks for looking. 

Keep safe and warm, 

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Joanne said...

Your cards are super Chris. I would have loved to have gone to the Christmas market. We usually go to York or somewhere for Xmas shopping, but alas, not this year.
Keep warm.
Luv Joanne xx