Thursday, 11 November 2010

Keeping going!

My Dad always used to say -If you find something difficult -try, try and try again- So I thought I'd better keep on trying to get the hang of this 'bloggie thing'!
Just in case anyone wondered about my pear picture at the top(someone might!), it's taken from my journal. I was browsing through an old Sainsbury's mag when I saw the plate of pears and I just saw a place to draw the face! The same mag also had the lettering so it was out with the paint and away I went. It just seemed to sum up what I am!!

Now comes the difficult bit -can I show you a picture of a card I made to send a note to a friend?
So thats a 'no' for now then?..... and a NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!

1 day later and 'server rejected' keeps coming up, and I have tried with a few different photos now ...sorry Dad!

Can anyone one tell me what on earth am I doing wrong?

Thanks for looking and for you comments. Off for a stint of child minding now!! 


Joanne said...

Not sure what your 'new post' page looks like because there are bits not on your 'blog' page that are on mine which makes me think there are still bits to do. However, if your 'new post' page is the same as mine, there should be a line of icons across the box where you write. One is an icon to upload a photo. It's easy to do 'cos you just click on that and it should come up with browse. click that, scroll to where your photo is eg pictures or documents, click that and then find your photo and click that. It should start to upload automatically. All you then is click the bottom right box to upload it into your post. Done. Keep trying just like your dad said - mine always told me it was like talking to a brick wall talking to me!!
Luv Joanne xx

Gez said...

Love your pears Chris. Brilliant!
Hope Joanne's comment helps.. if you look top right hand side when you visit your Dashboard there is a help icon.. there might be an article on there.. just type server rejected into there & see if there are any matches.. it might just be that Blogger was uploading a patch or something & definately is nothing that you've done wrong. Your Dad's right keep trying.xx Good luck.xx

She said...

Keep trying Chris, you'll get there! Blogger seems to change each time I use it! Joanne's instructions are almost exactly what I do though! S xxx