Tuesday, 5 September 2017

T Stands for This and That!

Hi everyone! A quick post before bedtime - tomorrow we are having a break from cleaning(me) and sorting tickets(hubby) and starting our day with our weekly gym session - it only takes an hour.

We also plan a cinema trip in the afternoon - the Silver Screen showings have restarted after the school holidays and we want to see a comedy called 'Going In Style'

We went out with two of our Grandchildren and their Dad on Bank Holiday Monday to Lyme Park.
It was a lovely warm day and we had a gentle walk around the gardens. There was also a very strange coincidence here(see later in this post)

A few years ago my GD had posed on the same spot and her Dad wanted to recreate the scene!
Unfortunately the bell rang for everyone to leave the gardens so we had no time to visit the Orangery!
The cafe was shut too so I am taking you back to Hereford for T Stands for Tuesday over at Bluebeard and Elizabeths The Altered Book Lover blog

I could show you hubby, but he just kept pulling faces, so today our water, lunch of cheese and ham toasties and the cathedral walls are the stars!
The cathedral, as I showed you last week, was so impressive!
They are replacing some of the stonework and the stone mason was working outside.

I was quite interested to see this tomb as we visited the site of the Battle Of Poitiers last time we went to visit my SIL.

This was interesting too as I almost share a Birthday with John Piper.
Now for the strange coincidence…my birthday appeared on the entrance ticket to Lyme Park - the house was celebrating the travels of one of the owners of Lyme Park

Maybe I will come across more on my travels as my time of being able to say that I am in my sixties comes to an end!

Happy T Day!

Thanks for looking, Chris


My name is Erika. said...

You always go to such fascinating place and see so many cool things Chris. I enjoy my arm chair travels with you. Happy T day. hugs-Erika

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you had a very interesting visit, thanks for sharing the lovely photos. The food looks great, too. Sorry you had to leave the gardens before you were finished. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Helen said...

hope your cinema trip is good; I've missed them and hadn't connected it with the school holidays putting a stop to them!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That colorful garden area in the first photo in Lyme Park is beautiful. I am always in awe of your trips and travels. You do so many things and they are always so much fun to see. Don't you just hate being rushed when you're only partly through a visit to a place? Too bad for all of you, but hopefully, you can visit there again soon.

Really enjoyed your lunch. It looks like puff pastry, and it looks great. Even the water was special when you had such a beautiful backdrop. Thanks for sharing your trip to Lyme Park and your lunch in Hereford with us for T this Tuesday. Hope the rest of your 60s are as wonderful as the first! You truly lead a charmed and enviable life.

Meggymay said...

It was a lovely post to read Chris, the photos are all lovely, the formal gardens in the first photos looked beautiful. Its a shame when a visit is cut short, but maybe there will be a next time for you to visit.
Your lunch looked delicious.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Redanne said...

I love those gardens at Lyme Park, but because it is on our doorstep we don't go there very often!! Your pictures are all beautiful, as ever. I am joining the leaving 60's club too..... Hugs, Anne xx

Neet said...

Ages since I went to ~Lyme Park - now you have reminded me of it I think it will be on the agenda.
How wonderful to see the stone mason at work - not something you get to see very often. Must have added to the visit which sounds great. Thanks for sharing your travels Chris.
Hugs, Neet xx

WendyK said...

Great photos of your visit Chris. We live near Hereford, I would have come to meet you if I had known. Let me know if you visit again.

Let's Art Journal said...

That's a beautiful place to visit and even more fun when it's with your family 😀. The cathedral is so magnificent and what a happy coincidence about your birthday reminders ... I smiled when I read the 1811 bit though 😉. The toastie looks yummy too - Happy T Day and enjoy the gym and cinema too! J 😊

Astrid Maclean said...

Wonderful photos and that certainly looks like an amazing place to visit. The stuff that memories are made of!

Darla said...

I so enjoy visiting your area through your photo's. Funny coincidence about the ticket. Don't you just love it when things like that happen? Makes you stop and wonder.

CJ Kennedy said...

The formal garden is beautiful and the effigy of Sir Richard very cool. Love the detail of his armor. Fun to have your birthday on the ticket. I'm assuming you weren't born in 1811. (-; Too bad your hubby didn't pose for the photo. Now I can't tell Himself, see? Chris' husband poses for T Day pictures! lol Happy T Day

kathyinozarks said...

I love all the places you share with us-so nice to be able to travel like you do. that was a nice keepsake your birthday on the ticket.
your lunch looks delicious!
Happy T Day Kathy

Linda Kunsman said...

always a pleasure to travel chairside with you-even though I'd love to see it all in person. fascinating castle and history. Lyme Park looks so beautiful too. Perhaps if hubby will behave we'll see him next week:) Happy T day!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Amazign photos - what a fantastic place!
Happy T-Day dear Chris!

Rita said...

Wow! What an intriguing place to visit!
We'd take hubby with a pulled face--LOL!
I am waiting for that movie to come out on Netflix. Hope it was fun! :)

jinxxxygirl said...

Love that tomb with the knight Chris.... Thank you so much for taking us along....Happy T day! Hugs! deb

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Looks like a nice day in the gardens even though the bell did ring too soon. The cathedral is spectacular, Chris. In today's photos, I was really taken by those elegant angels and the tomb of Sir Richard.

You and I share a birthday month - lol- mine is the 24th.

Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

Divers and Sundry said...

The gardens are gorgeous! And the lunch looks tasty, and in such a setting! I'm always impressed with places with such a long history.

Happy T Tuesday :)

johanna said...

if i´ll ever have the Chance to make a tour d´UK, i will take your blog as a travelling guide... but i think i will Need at least a year to go to all those wonderful places you Show us. i´m delighted as always!! thanks for taking us with you. (and i´m giggling about your husband making faces;))

roth phallyka said...

The food looks great, too. Sorry you had to leave the gardens before you were finished. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie


Sara Barker said...

OHMYGOSH! Beautiful photos! Thank YOU for sharing!

butterfly said...

How fantastic to see a stone-mason at work on such a piece of craftsmanship as a cathedral. Lovely photos again, thank you - and how lovely to have your birthday celebrated on the vintage tag!
Alison x