Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Into the unknown!

Hi everyone, I had to get a new mobile (cell)phone yesterday - my old one had been having hiccups for a while but I kept ignoring it, finally hubby more or less pushed me into the phone shop to look find a replacement! As it happened we got a very good offer and we now get both of our phones for the same price as my old one and I get a bigger data allowance too! Only thing is it is taking time to get used to an up to date model!
As most of you know we are busy getting ready for a trip so I could have done without it!

To reward myself I had some time in my craft room this afternoon!
You may remember Maudie, who had been through an anomaly (she is here)
Well, when she returned to school this week she told her friend Agnes….who couldn't wait to have a go herself, even though Maudie warned her that her arm took weeks to recover!
Agnes, being an adventurous sort, donned her girl scout uniform and headed off with her trusty dog Towser to the spot where Maudie had been! 
I used the Kim Dellow stencil a while ago in my 7"x7" journal. It was laid on the page and sprinkled with a few Infusions powders, spritzed and left overnight to dry! I love how the darker pigments were drawn under the stencil.
Today I stamped along the edge with part of a Kim Dellow stamp and along the bottom with a stitches stamp(not sure where from)
The words are from a Dyan Reavely set.

Agnes(who had her outfit coloured with Distress Markers)and Towser are in front of the anomaly which now looks far more sinister than it did a few weeks ago! Do you know what though, from the confident look on her face, I think Agnes is going in!!!
I do hope she will be OK!

This is for Yvonne's Colour In My World at Art Journal Journey as I am fascinated by the way these colours reacted when left to dry naturally!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Valerie-Jael said...

Gorgeous journal page, have fun with the new phone. I got a new one 4 weeks back and am very happy with it. Hugs, Valerie

Helen said...

good luck with the new phone, I had to change mine recently... great page today!

Meggymay said...

A fabulous page Chris.
The colours seem to shine and the background.
I loved the next stage of the story.
If she does venture in I hope you will show us what she finds.
Thank you for another great AJJ page.
Good luck with your new phone.
Yvonne xx

Cath Wilson said...

Lovely stuff - as usual :-)
Agnes seems right at home... one of my favourite word stamps, too.

Cath xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am in awe of these infusions. I've never seen them or Brushos, either, but they certainly turn a page beautiful.

Agnes and her dog are truly adventurous, and I hope she has better luck than Maudie. This is a fabulous AJJ entry.

roth phallyka said...

I had to change mine recently... great page today!


Sara Barker said...

What a fun story to go with your journal page! I love seeing how these Infusions work, and how exciting to see them react with the stencil. Don't have any myself, but they are on my wish list. I've got plenty of catching up to do here, I see. But I think it's time for bed. Good luck learning that new phone; I live in fear of having to replace mine! Sending hugs!

Brenda Brown said...

A fabulous page and story description Chris. Good luck with your holiday preparations xxx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wow the colours on this page really reacted in such a wonderful way - and the whole page is amazing with the artsy scribbling on the left ! Beautiful!Thank you for another fantastic entry to Yvonne's theme!
Great to have a bigger data allowance -
you will love your new phone soon!
I still use my prepaid cell-phone here-- just need 20 Euros each year - since my family have the best tarifs for all to use their cell phones everywhere and always (lol)and I just am not interesting in this. I even deleted my free W-Lan internet on the cellphone since I got too nervous with all the whats app notes and so on. Don't like to be always accessible.
Kind of oldfashioned maybe!

Hope you don't be too nervous on the upcoming trip!
I would love to go with you to Paris!
oxo Susi

geistige_Schritte said...

Gorgeous journal page!!!
Happy evening

Rita said...

Good luck learning about the new and improved phone. (I never use many of the things smart phones do, but I figure out how to do what I need to do--eventually.) Enjoy your trip. Won't be long now. Glad you had some time to play and make pretty things before you leave. :)

Let's Art Journal said...

I love the words you added to your page,they are so inspirational and perfect for the adventurous Agnes who I'm sure will enjoy her trip with the trusty Towser by her side 😁. The Infusions powders look amazing too! Enjoy your week and Happy Weekend! J 😊

patcrafts said...

Fab page Chris, I love Tim's paper dolls they are so useful. I have tried the infusions but I must admit I don't get on with them. I guess you won't be going to Happy Stampers on the 7th Oct if you are going away, thought I might meet up with you if you were.
Hugs Patx

Purple Tree Paints said...

Brilliant page love the story x

My name is Erika. said...

Agnes looks like a fun friend to have. Who else wears fringe and a cowboy hat? I love the page Chris. The background could be a page in itself. :) Happy weekend and hope you are ready for your trip. Hugs-Erika

butterfly said...

Wishing Agnes lots of luck with her trip into the anomaly (fabulous Infusions drama!). As you say, she looks the determined sort... I'm sure all will be well!
Alison x