Monday, 15 August 2016

T stands for "The Boys"!

I missed T at Elizabeth's last week because as I may have mentioned we were taking our two grandsons away to the caravan. They are cousins with just a few years in between them but they get on really well.
They played Monopoly every night - no internet connection - so it was back to "proper" games!

On the first full day we intended taking them to a Falconry Centre at Settle - we arrived there - having checked the website on the way to make sure they were open - to find a 'For Sale ' sign up and of course it was closed! There were several complaints when I checked around but their site came at the top of the list so I had no reason to suspect anything might be wrong!

So…back via Kirby Lonsdale, where we stopped for lunch!

2 boys with the giggles about me taking photographs of  my drink(saving that for another day, but they both had cokes)

If this doesn't count for T Stands For Tuesday at Bluebeard and Elizabeth's then please read on!

While we there we had  request to walk by the river - the older one is familiar with the route we take.

Yes! It was up these steps again - I'm always good for a bit of fun when we get to the top!!!
Past Ruskin's favourite view(painted by Constable)…
we came to a Country Show (Hubby and I knew it was there as it was our second choice of places to take them!!)

Oh! The felting I could do….!
The Home Crafts tent - I am now looking for a nice cup and saucer to try and emulate these beauties!
…and back along the by the river.
At this point the river was racing quite fast….
…and so were these two, as by then they were on the Pokemon Go trail - not sure about this, but it does seem to want them to walk some distances before achieving a big goal with lots of little things along the way(I think!)
It was back to the caravan then, as the rain started - a game of Monopoly and a quieter bedtime than the previous night!

Now this is a cup and saucer I could use, it was at a Bird of Prey Centre near Lowther Castle - the tea room was errr…quirky, but the pizzas and Tuna melt baguettes that we shared were delicious!(ate them before I even thought about photos!)
The display and the owners talk were really interesting but by halfway through it started to rain gently - so we all had a bit of a soaking!

A Gyrfalcon - the fastest there is!

A cheeky Harris hawk!

Yay! he got picked to hold him!!
We headed to Lowther Castle to warm up in their tea room and I wanted to buy a present for someone - they have a really good selection and I have bought gifts from there before.
It was a lovely day out and good value for money!

Finally, the great excitement of the break was to find that we don't just have two Goldfinches…

…..but four!!
A poor photo - taken from my bedroom curtain 'hide' through a rain streaked window.

We really enjoyed our time away and we are looking forward to going away again on Wednesday!

I have had two deadlines to meet - one blogged already and of course TIOT in a few hours time! 
Time for some relaxing crafting I think!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I would have been here sooner, especially since I picked up a very sweet package from you in my mailbox this evening. I spent part of my day mowing my yard, then off for groceries and other shopping. It was after dark before I got home. What a nice surprise in my mailbox, and I was thrilled to read you got the code.

You had your hands full with those grandsons. They looked like they were having fun, though. Giggles and cokes are always great for T.

The Country Show was beautiful. Loved the wonderful horses that look like Clydesdale, and of course, the sheep. Those were some gorgeous flowers, and I take it they have inspired you.

Pokemon Go has created problems here in Wichita, and some people want it outlawed. Since I don't own a cell phone, I have no idea what the fuss is about, but the boys look like they are having fun with it.

I LOVE that cup and saucer. I see Tony got one, too. Beautiful.

How lucky your grandson was chosen to hold the falcon. What an honor.

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of the "boys" and their antics, as well as the tea room with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks for the lovely, lovely gift, too.

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, and thanks for sharing the lovely photos of all the delights you saw. The cup and saucer displays are really a great idea Happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

Let's Art Journal said...

Looks like you had the most wonderful time with your grandsons! The walk by the river is very beautiful and I hope you had a rest after all those steps :-). I love the Shire horses, they are so majestic! And those gorgeous little tea cups and saucers with the flowers in are very pretty indeed! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

Meggymay said...

It seems you had a fantastic day out with the boys. You sure packed a lot of interesting things into the day. Super photos Chris and I would have loved that cup and saucer as well.
Happy Tday
Yvonne xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my gosh--- amazing impressions! Fantastic!
Thank you for sharing Chris!
Happy T-Day!
oxo Susi

Redanne said...

What a great post Chris, the boys look like they are having fun, but such a shame the Falconry was closed. The Country Show looks amazing, I am a big sheep fan and the ones you show look fabulous! I love your cups and saucers too... Hugs, Anne xx

chrissie said...

Such a happy and varied post Chris. Never a dull moment in your life for sure

Love Chrissie xx

sirkkis said...

So cute bird page.
Really interesting photos, thanks for sharing, Chris!
Hugs ❤

Dianne said...

wonderful photos as always...what handsome boys, and look like they are having fun! the country fair looks charming...happy T day!

Divers and Sundry said...

I got a kick out of "radical steps" lol. The scenery is lovely along that river.

I play Pokemon Go, too, and am encouraged by how much more I'm walking now. You walk a certain distance (2k, 5k, or 10k) to hatch eggs into Pokemon. It's popular around here among folks of all ages, and it gets people out and about instead of sitting at home. Fun :) Or at least it is for me ;)

~*~Patty S said...

I could not get it together last week for tea either with so much going on here.
Looks like you all had such a grand time.
Monopoly has always been one of our favorite games along with Scrabble.
Nice to be unplugged for together time.
The birds of prey must have been thrilling.
Back in my art and craft show days I would collect orphan china pieces and do dried flower arrangements in gravy boats, tea cups and such.
These are lovely along with the farm animals.
Happy T Day Chris! oxo

Rita said...

OMGosh! This was loaded with goodies! Those horses--so regal--and the birds of prey, too. Looks like the boys had a fine time. :)

Helen said...

sounds like you had a great time with the boys, and they were enjoying their - and your company. The birds of prey are stunning, but so are your gorgeous little goldfinches!

Carol said...

Looks as if you had a great outing with the grandsons and you just can't beat that ♥ Love that teacup by the way!!!! Thanks for sharing all of the gorgeous photos of your time.

My name is Erika. said...

What a great post. Your grandsons are very cute and how fun to spend some time with them. I think the animals look wonder and wow- glad you found some falcons and hawks to see. They are impressive. Happy T day.

Pamellia Johnson said...

Great post Chris. Love your walk along the river, that's exactly the sort of trail I would totally love taking! Amazing to see those birds and get to hold one, wow! Love your goldfinches too, I've had no luck drawing them to my feeder as of yet. sending hugs :)

Halle said...

What a great post! Cousin time is the best. I was with mine the past weekend and it felt as if no time had just pick up where you left off. Love that! Great photos.
Happy T day...very late.

Sandy said...

I so enjoyed all of your pictures!!
Sandy xx