Saturday, 26 March 2016

It's not what you think...

My journal page for Art Journal Journey today may fool you…'s not as sinister as it first appears. You see, Mr Wolf and the bears are great friends(have you seen the size of Mr Bear?)and Mama and Papa Bear wanted to go off on their own for a while…..
They left Baby Bear and his Gummi Bear sweets in the shade of a tree and asked their friend to keep an eye on him! By the look on the little one's face they are on the way back!

I have really enjoyed seeing all the entries for the 'If You Go Down To The Woods' theme while I have been hosting for Valerie and Susi this month and the time has really whizzed by! Thank you for your support!  You can see all the entries yourself by clicking Here

The tree is a photograph of one we saw on our way home from the caravan, that I printed out and cut around. Baby bear is one of Lindsay Mason's stamps from a while ago and I drew Mr Wolf peeping around the tree (OK, its true, I wasn't confident about drawing his whole body!)The woodland is on an inked and watery splashed background and was made with a bit of random inking and stamping.

When we came back from the caravan the other week it was a beautiful but rather cold day, we couldn't resist taking a picnic and going home by the scenic route through the Trough Of Bowland. After eating (in the car!) we had a short walk….
 This was our view while we ate

Looking up over the road
 When we go back the sheep had moved in
 We walked a little way in the opposite direction and then back to our little car
The sheep were moving on again
 Thanks for looking at this scheduled post, Chris


Helen said...

Love the journal page - glad that Mr Wolf and Mr Bear are friends, and who could resist gummi bears... Your photos are beautiful, I went to Kew yesterday, it was fabulous and I took loads of pictures. Your scenery though is spectacular!

Valerie-Jael said...

Great journal page and a fun story as well as lovely photos. Thanks again for all the hard work you are doing for AJJ this month. Happy Easter, hugs Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a lovely story, amazing photos and a wonderful page Chris!
You are doing such a great job for Art Journal Journey!
Happy Easter!

Meggymay said...

A great story to read when looking at your fantastic journal page.
Happy Easter Chris.
Yvonne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was in awe of your drawing and storytelling abilities today. I often tell Yvonne I don't know which I like more: the art or the story or both. It's always a toss up.

I was impressed with that tree, but what really shocked me was how LARGE those trees were on your walk when I saw the size of the sheep next to them. They are really huge, or else the sheep are very tiny. This really put everything in perspective, that's for sure.

Again, have a BEAUTIFUL Easter and enjoy your time away.

My name is Erika. said...

Love your journal piece- Mr. Wolf is really rather cute if you look at him closely. Happy Easter, and thanks for being such a great host this month. Your topic has been a lot of fun, and I hope to get in another post or 2 before Thursday. Hugs. Erika

Annie said...

what a fab journal page Chris x Yur details are wonderful as always and the colours are just if they are from an old book....very clever.

Stunning photographs and I also wish you a very Happy Easter too

Hugs Annie xx

sirkkis said...

Wonderful journal page. Old trees have always fascinated me. They could tell so many exciting stories... Your photos are great.
Happy Easter to you and yours xx

butterfly said...

Glorious landscape photography, Chris - and I can see why that tree inspired you! Mr Wolf looks quite the charmer (clever work with tucking him behind the tree, though the drawing looks pretty darn good to me). Great page, and the pages I've managed to see around Craftyblogland inspired by your theme have been wonderful. We're working 2 - 11pm today so just time to dash round and wish you a happy Easter!
Alison x

Mrs.B said...

Wonderful page Chris and I'm so pleased Mr Wolf and the bear family are friends. Loved your scenic photos, weather looked good
Happy Easter
Avril xx

Mrs.B said...

Wonderful page Chris and I'm so pleased Mr Wolf and the bear family are friends. Loved your scenic photos, weather looked good
Happy Easter
Avril xx

kat said...

This is a great post, I love your bear story to go with this fabulous piece! Those photos are so striking, what a beautiful place, so peaceful, a shame it was so cold but the warmer weather will soon arrive to enjoy it all more! Still thanks for sharing such beautiful shots!

Sandy said...

Such a fun journal page -- I meant to participate in this Into The Woods Journal month but ran out of time - now I have 4 of our grand kids all week so I will really get behind in my blog snooping. Taking a bit of time to have my tea this morning and see what's going on in the neighborhood.
Sandy xx