Wednesday, 11 March 2015


First an apology, I am having serious issues with an internet connection at the caravan and as we have a garden to sort out we need to be there at the moment! This means that although I often start to comment the signal goes and the comment is lost, by the time I've tried a few times I usually end up throwing down the phone(somewhere soft at the moment!!)I did try to make as many comments as I could last week in between packing etc. but once we were away they became less - it will be the same again this week so although I had a few peeks at desks I didn't comment(please don't think "How rude!")even though I wanted to. Thank you if you left a comment here and I did't get back to you!
Phew! Sorry for going on but I felt so guilty, after all our hostess Julia at the Stamping Ground sets up this marvellous link each week and has done now for 301 weeks and I really do like taking part.
Okay, this might make a few of you smile…
 I had to make a quick card yesterday then went off to post it, collect GD and then shop - didn't get back to my craft room until this morning(the card is in the previous post)
I showed my new IndigoBlu stamp last week and as you can see I have been playing with it in my tiny journal - this is one of many.

Cinema report
"The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" was brilliant, lots of one liners that stuck a chord!! Brilliant acting - of course, with an amazing line up of stars!
Today we are off to see "Chappie" with Hugh Jackman(I wish!) - we've been warned that it is quite violent! 

Hope to visit more this week!!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Annie said...

Hi Chris. Never fear...if you don't manage to leave a comment you are on my fav list so I will still pop over to yours 😃 I'm calling by while my twinnies are playing happily 😃 have a great week.
Annie x #18

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Chris, the internet can be very difficult, depending where you are, so don't let it worry you. Love the Indigo Blu stamp, they are amazing, aren't they?Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xxx

famfa said...

It can be infuriating can't it but it's enough to know you are looking. I love your stamp it is gorgeous.
Famfa #54

Zue said...

That film is definitely one I want to see. The prequel was very enjoyable.
Hope you get a reasonable signal soon, it is really frustrating ; worse when it happens at home where you fully expect a constant service.
Best wishes
Sue x

jan spencer said...

Saw some of the cast on Graham Norton show but sadly living in spain wont get to see it, maybe when we visit our son he can get it on Net flicks.
Love the journal page, the flower is gorgeous, I do love flowers on everything though. I know what you mean about getting annoyed when trying to comment, I have problems trying to comment on my ipad.
Jan S no 57

Mariane C said...

Wow, your story just reminded me about the modem days here in Copenhagen - What a irritating thing for sure, and you kind of live with that in the Caravan? oh my. BUT I do love your crea place it is so inspiring to look at and again thank you ever so much for sharing.

Kind regards
Mariane # 51

Sandy Leigh said...!! But not to worry, because that's why we craft. Love that little journal and your happy desk. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Love that little journal entry. Those Indigo Blue stamps are adorable. I saw a few on other blogs last week, too. So there are other people as taken by them as I am.

I can relate to your frustration. When technology works, it's great, when it doesn't it's frustrating as heck. It took me over two weeks to get my scanner going again, so don't despair. We all love you and won't abandon you, because we know you'll be around sooner or later. BTW, I'm not playing this week because I don't have time to leave comments, I fear. And I lost a day, too.

Juliz Design Post said...

What a great size of Journalling book. The new Indigo Blu stamps are fab, I got a mixed media set yesterday. Hope the weather is kind to you at your caravan.
Julie xx

Krisha said...

Oh I am so glad you commented on "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" I have been wanting to see it, but wondered if it would be as good as the I'll go and see it. Thanks.

LOVE the tiny journal and the flower image, it is perfect for that journal.

Not playing this week, due to the pet crisis, just taking a few moments to comment on the blogs I regularly follow.

Twiglet said...

I have been neglecting all my blog buddies recently so I am making a big effort to visit a few more this week. Your little flower pic is lovely - looks so different from the stamp once you have worked your magic with it. x Jo

Georgie C said...

Ahhh, I love seeing your desk Chris, it's always full of wonderful goodies xx

Helen said...

Great post, and love the dahlia stamp! glad you got enough time and connection to link up,. Helen 3

Anne said...

Hi there. modern Technoloy - arrrrggghhhh - have fallen foul of it many a time. Was just talking about The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel film earlier this evening. Hope to go and see it! Anne x #32

Angela Radford said...

Love the flower stamp and pleased you enjoyed the film. We watched the first one again the other night and hope to see the new one soon. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 31

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Chris, to answer your question, deli paper comes in sheets of a specific size, and is a paper that is originally used to wrap sandwiches. It has a tendency to NOT absorb grease and moisture. Freezer paper, on the other hand, comes on long rolls like wax paper, parchment paper, and aluminum foil. Look for it in the paper/foil section of your grocery store. It is used to wrap meat that is then placed in the freezer. It is rather heavy, especially compared to the delicate feel of deli paper. You might even be able to find it in big box stores that are similar to WalMart in the US. I hope that helps.

Neet said...

Thanks for the film review - I do so like to hear what you think.
Your desk looks super busy - enjoy your weekend - think I would trade places if possible but I do love my job.
Thanks for the visit to me - Hugs, Neet 28 xx

sandra de said...

Wonderful stamp and you have used it beautiful in your journal. I would be very happy with no connection if it meant I was on a holiday. Have a lovely week.
sandra de @29

Julia Dunnit said...

I LOVED the Best Exotic too, was a marvellous all round goodie. I totally understand about commenting with a fading WiFi network, its infuriating!

butterfly said...

Yuck - sorry to hear about your commenting trials. I recently discovered that comments left via my iPad simply weren't getting through, so who knows who I've insulted by apparently not visiting (I certainly can't remember what I did on the computer and what I did on the iPad...). Love the flower page - it really zings against the fabulous b&w patterned background.
Alison xx