Tuesday 20 January 2015

Tea time….

….well not quite for me! Hubby and I have given up caffeine apart from our breakfast cup (not ready to give that yet!) So, it's either decaffeinated or water for me  - hubby has an option of fruit juice or tea(I have an aversion to tea - it makes me ill and of course being diabetic, juice is not an option)
So…in my new mug, a Christmas present, it's water! I've been in my craft room but the desk is rather full at the moment(as you will see tomorrow!)so the mug is balanced by my handy fabric and lace basket that gets replenished every so often - it's just handy to reach out for stuff rather than go in the drawers!
Last weekend, while we were away, Carnforth's new craft shop opened - Rowan Tree Crafts - right by the doctors and the chemist and right next door to my favourite boutique! How very convenient, and just around the corner are the car park and Booths and Aldi supermarkets too!! The business used to be on the outskirts of the town and they are now in bigger premises with the promise of workshops!

You can see just a few of the goodies here are right up my street, Tim stuff,Indigoblu,Lindsay Mason and lots of lovely bits and pieces

Here you can see Kitty Brown's too, and the inside…
I have bought quite a lot here in the past and got a lovely top in the sale on Saturday after I had a spend in Rowan Tree Crafts!
I shall be volunteering to get the food shopping on my own in future! 

I'm joining Elizabeth for Tea on Tuesday although it's probably nearer to cocoa time for some!

Thanks for looking, Chris 


Linda Kunsman said...

Well, who can resist a good sale? The Rowan Tree shop looks like much fun to visit-I took a closer look and there is so much to look through! I wish we had a specialty shop of crafts for arting in our area. We just have the typical AC Moore, Michael's and Hobby Lobby. It IS convenient for basic supplies but it's not often they add much in the way of newer products. Your owl mug is darling- I love when there's a little painting inside a mug too. Happy T day!

voodoo vixen said...

Not sure about the cup of water... much prefer a nice cup of tea! LOL The craft shop looks wonderful and would be detrimental to my bank account if it was very close to where I shopped! :( Happy T Tuesday to you! Annette

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This new craft shop reminds me of Mrs. O'Leary's, our only mixed media, stamp, and scrapbook store left in town. Like Linda, we have Michael's and Hobby Lobby, but they are SO mainstream. I can see why you will do the grocery shopping from now on. Of course, hubby might catch on after awhile.

BTW, is EVERYONE organizing? A soon as my company leaves, I'll be tackling my garage. Then it will be the three bedrooms after that. So much I can get rid of, I'm sure.

Thanks for sharing your water, your lovely new craft store, the boutique, and your lovely disposition with us for T this Tuesday.

Rita said...

Oh wow!! A closer spot! I was drooling over here. I can't pass an art, craft, or book store! Well, or an office supply or pet store, either--LOL! What fun if they have workshops!!
Water is the healthiest beverage for all of us. ;) Happy T-Day! :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Thanks for your visit Chris, I enjoyed seeing your new craft shop and so conveniently placed too. How exciting. I've had my cocoa but I'm not ready to go up until I've caught up with everyone. Happy T Day :o))

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Lucky, lucky you to have that fab looking craft store so conveniently close! Nothing like a good boutique with a sale. Happy T Day!

Robyn said...

looks like a wonderful new shop and love your wise owl mug!

Dianne said...

It would be hard for me to control myself in those gorgeous shops! Love your new mug...happy T day!

Redanne said...

The Rowan Tree looks like a great place to visit Chris, I am not sure I have been to Carnforth but I can feel a visit in my bones now! I don't have much self control where crafty purchases are concerned though! Hugs, Anne xx

Pamellia said...

Wow, when I see that much craft stuff in one place, I start to shiver! I guess it's better for my wallet that there's no shops like that near where I live! ha! hugs :)

Halle said...

What a great shop!! Thanks for stopping by my T Tuesday post. Sorry I'm a day late. :)

~*~Patty S said...

Aren't you lucky to have a fun new shop to enjoy and so convenient too.
Water is my all time favorite refreshing!
Happy day after T Day to you

Darla said...

I know it isn't Tuesday. Am I too late for tea? Wonderful that the craft shop opened next to the grocery store and other places you might need to visit. Get a chore done and visit the craft store as a reward is my thinking.


Words and Pictures said...

Golly - lucky you having a craft shop right around the corner (or maybe it's a disaster, thinking about it!!). I'm another water drinker - so I applaud your caffeine free choice!!
Alison xx