Sunday 4 January 2015

It's not too late is it….

…to wish you a Happy New Year? I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I imagine that those of you back to work tomorrow have already taken down your cards and tidied away the Christmas decorations until next time! 
I haven't felt the need to rush..we went away with our grandchildren and son for New Year and it left me a bit weary…mind you..our last night there it was blowing a gale with pouring rain which kept waking me up! By then my son and grand daughter had gone home, neither hubby or grandson heard a thing!!!!
We were surprised to find a lake in the field across the road!
This is the extent of the flood, there's also a lamb amongst those sheep and this is the the tree which we think may be the reason for our poor internet connection!
The view from our bedroom window

I would however like to show you the lovely cards we received from crafty friends!

From the top - from my talented Sister in Law Sheryle who makes the most beautiful cards and doesn't have a blog, middle left - from Joanne who does have a blog, a lovely  paper blocked background for her deer and Christmas spray,(more of Joanne later), middle right from Kim, the warden at our caravan park who also doesn't have a blog, bottom left from She - She's colouring is always a joy to see and she knows I love her little bears,you will find her brilliant colouring and stamping here, She is trying something new this week, and finally - bottom right from Lindsay whose fabulous way of making scenes never ceases to amaze me! You will find Lindsay here, well worth a look through her blog to see her mixed media pieces too! 

As well as her gorgeous card Joanne sent me this fantastic notebook,
there were several teasers on her blog and you can't imagine how happy receiving this made me!
I am going to use it for making crafty notes in and it's staying close to my desk so that I can see it! Joannes blog is here - she's already made her Tim's tag for January!!

Thank you so much ladies, hope to have some crafty time with all of you over the coming year!

Thanks for looking, Chris

Hoping to be back later with something I've been playing with!


Redanne said...

Happy New Year to you too Chris! You really did receive some beautiful cards and Joanne did a fabulous job on the journal - I saw Joanne's tag on FB and it is beautiful too. Hugs, Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, lovely photos... I'm so glad you like your little card. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Be in touch soon. xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope it's not too late for me to wish YOU a Happy New Year. I'm sorry I missed this before, but I'm not sure how much better I'm getting. Regardless, I wanted to compliment you on your gorgeous cards. Every artist made a beauty.

I can't believe how green everything is in your world. Nothing has been green here for months, and now there's snow everywhere. I LOVE the view from your bedroom. I might never want to leave if I had that view!

That is a great journal cover. I know that little journal will come in handy this year.

Pamellia said...

Happy New Year to you too Chris! Lovely cards and gifts you received, wow! OK, is that green grass that I see, I'm jealous!! Here's to 2015 being filled with love, laughter and lots of crafting! big hugs :)

Words and Pictures said...

Golly - looks as though you're high enough over the ground to avoid getting flooded yourselves, and you've got blue skies now - which is more than we have!! Thanks for sharing your lovely cards with us, and that notebook is fab!
Alison xx