Friday, 21 November 2014


I know November is nearly over but I clean forgot to post this despite it being ready on time - I blame my two GD spots - think they addled my brain!!!
Doh! I'm talking about my 365/12 calendar journal - Kate started all this a few years ago now and it's something I love doing.
Here is November - before I started to fill it in - as you know if you've seen my blog it's been a busy month!
There's more on this page now but you'll have to wait!
Octobers all filled in!

We're out tonight for our Scrabble challenge - we play with  small group of friends here at our retirement complex. We say it's for fun but we can get quite serious especially when you find yourself losing against 90pluses!!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Helen said...

have a great evening! love your calendar pages. xx

Georgie C said...

So so love the idea of this.. such a smart way to record the little things in life. I may do something like this for my son starting in the new year, if you didn't mind me pinching your idea? Have a fabulous evening xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Finally saw the upside down bird. You put SO much into your pages. They are works of art, as well as a record for you to look back on over the years. Hope you won at Scrabble. Laughed at you up against the "old folks."

JoZart said...

Lovely detail in your calendar pages Chris! Must say a huge thanks for our super day out to you both which I'll blog soon. Phone was flat and couldn't find my charger so didn't ring then I couldn't find your email but will be in touch soon. Thanks too for my scarf-lace... what DO we call a necklace come scarf?
Jo x

craftytrog said...

Lovely pages Chris! Hope you enjoyed your evening.
Alison x

patcrafts said...

Love the background on Novembers page and October looks very appropriate for that month although over here it was quite a warm sunny October. I haven't been doing much in the way of art although I have kept up with my calendar even though I haven't blogged them. Some friends persuaded me to start Patchwork and Quilting but I have missed my Art Journaling etc so am now determined to keep up with it. I'm fine thank you and you sound to be as busy as ever enjoying life, the retirement complex sounds very interesting. Hope to meet up with you again one day soon xx

butterfly said...

Gorgeous calendar pages... think I must have missed the empty October - I absolutely love the stamps you've used around the edges. Hope you enjoyed the Scrabble.
Alison xx