Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A (very)Full Day in Salzburg

I really should warn you I may go on a bit………! 
Breakfast on the 15th floor with fantastic views all round - lots of folk grabbing their chances for photos including hubby!!

including the railway station below
Breakfast was pretty good too! It was good to see the sun rising!
We had bought a 24 hour ticket the day before that began on our first use so we walked a bit so that we could use it on the Saturday!
Our first stop was the Museum and Stiftkirche

Then it was coffee time - thanks to Sioux I knew where to head - Cafe Tomaselli - once Mozart's local caff!
As promised there was the cake lady

I had chosen my cake
Now this is where I was really good - we had agreed that on occasions I would be happy to have a taste of hubby's cake(I'm diabetic T2 and had promised my nurse that I would try to be sensible - more of the nurse in another post!)so I had the pointy end - it was yummy!
Then off for a walk - to the funicular railway! The pass included this so why not?

I loved this display
and this ornate door

Back down the mountain and a bite to eat then off to have a wander through a cemetery 

So peaceful and beautiful - then off to find lovely little alleyways!

Lots of decorated eggs - not my thing - I did buy some fabric ornaments though

The Austrians celebrate Autumn in style - lots of colourful displays everywhere!

Following hubby I realised that the men at the side of him were in traditional dress, some of the women too, but couldn't get a clear shot!
We noticed that although we thought it warm - 21 degrees - most of the locals wore jackets! They also put up umbrellas at a few spots of rain. 
Time for coffee and cake in a lovely partially enclosed alleyway
Not upset, just laughing because I wanted yet another photo
Thank You!!
We had something interesting to look at while we had our rest
We also visited Mozarts Birthplace, yes it was a bit commercialised but I enjoyed it - just can't remember whether it was before or after coffee!!!
It was getting darker by this time so we continued wandering the alleyways till we came to this
We were standing by the pedestrian entrance - couldn't resist seeing the other side of the  tunnel
By the time we had walked back were getting hungry so headed to an Austrian restaurant - there were queues and we were asked if we minded sharing a table and ended up having our meal with a couple from Minnesota! They were slightly ahead of us so I ordered a Cheese Dumpling platter on the lady's recommendation, which should have had a mixed leaf salad but seeing that she had vegetables and me really HATING mixed leaves I asked for the same!
It was delicious!
Delicious - but so filling, our dining companion gave up on hers too but we did eat all the veggies - no room for me to have dessert but hubby had chicken and a dessert, he did give me a little taste too!!

So, time to catch a tram back to the hotel, packing to do and an early night - we had something we had to do the next day before we left Salzburg…..

Thanks for looking, Chris

Linking to Elizabeth and T is for Tuesday - two coffees and cakes in one day must be good!!!

I am am still on catch up with looking at and commenting on blogs, having been away with our grandchildren last week, please forgive me!


Helen said...

Chris, you really had a fabulous time - good that you acted on Sioux's recommendation for eateries. The cemetery looks gorgeous, if that's not the wrong word to describe it. Hope to see the next stage of your journey soon!

Artyjen said...

How fabulous....what a day you had! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics....I had a big smile on my face at Cafe Tomaselli :) I just love Salzburg. The cemetary looks even prettier than last time I was there.....and the spaetzel seems to defeat everyone!!!!
xoxo Sioux

JoZart said...

I'm really enjoying sharing your Austrian trip and it reminds me of when we were there some years ago. It's so good to see another viewpoint and there's always something you missed!
We'll be up at Pine Lakes soon so if you email me maybe we will be able to meet up..... or at least you can give me some hotspots I mustn't miss!
Love Jo x

Linda Kunsman said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your amazing trip with you Chris. The scenery is absolutely stunning! Lots of great shots, and I love how you explored that lovely town. I was at the Mozart's birthplace to. And I love going through European cemeteries. Aren't those desserts gorgeous? I would have had to have a taste too:) Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure, and happy T day!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your beautiful photos brought back pleasant memories of our trip to Europe that included a stop in Salzberg. I really enjoyed your post and am so happy you shared it for T today.

Nancy said...

What a great post of wonderful pictures :) I want to live where castles are all around!
That cake looks so delish, you have more willpower than I ;)
Have a great t day :)

Carol said...

Oh my! What an amazing group of beautiful photos! Thank YOU for sharing them with us ♥

see you there! said...

What a wonderful time I had visiting through your photo's. Made me want to buy a plane ticket.


TwinkleToes2day said...

Happy T Day - Oh, what a super post, full of beauty and so interesting, I felt transported there. Thank you for sharing :D

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day! WOW! What a beautiful place to visit, I loved it all. So much to look at and see, could walk around all day. Thank you for sharing these with us.

Rita said...

OMGosh! This is such a delight for me to travel with you to places I will never see. What fun!!
Happy T-Day!! :)

~*~Patty S said...

Oh what pure delight to get to some of your travels.
I was in Salzburg long long ago ... Your beautiful photos are like seeing it for the first time.
Thank you so much for sharing and
Happy T Day

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am always impressed with your lovely travel photos. They are beautiful, and you could have gone on for days and I would have read what you had to say. I simply adore cemeteries, so you had me stopping and enlarging. What beauty.

Sounds like that day pass was well worth it. You must have had a wonderful time while you were in Salzburg. I sure enjoyed sharing time with you and your lovely art, too.

Thanks for this day trip, and all these lovely food and drink stops along the way. So glad you shared them for T this Tuesday, although it could well be Wednesday in your world by now!

Dianne said...

Oh Miss Chris I do love it when you go on a bit, goes perfectly with the fantastic photos, what an spectacular city Salzburg is, I wouldn't have seen this is is wonderful from my armchair, I can imagine what it must be like in real life, amazing I love to visit cemeteries too and all IS good with 2 deserts and coffee, I'm diabetic too, so I can relate, it's okay if your on holidays , isn't it :O), your a doll to share your journey with us, excellent sketches, what a wonderful memories you have created....