Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Castle Visit (if you've got the time!!!!)

I hope I didn't mislead anyone last week, we weren't rubbing shoulders with the aristocracy all the time! The Castle was Muncaster Castle on the West Coast of Cumbria and it really is in a beautiful area. We had an en-suite room in the Coachman's Quarters which of course were above the old Stables. 
The stables are now a cafe and we ate our breakfast here before the paying public arrived! We were quite surprised when the old gentleman next to us started to talk to us(and quote verses of his own poetry)told us his life story and then thanked us for coming! It was only Patrick Gordon-Duff-Pennington the owner of the castle. He is often seen around the castle accosting the public and pruning shrubs where e're he goes.
(Warning - from now on there are lots of photos)

Our bedroom was just above the sign
The Castle is home to the World Owl Trust and has a huge variety of owls on it's conservation programme
The view of the owl Sanctuary from our bedroom window 
My favourites - spectacled owls- because we had free access
I visited these little fellas a few times

These two were huge!
On our first evening we decided to go along to Ravenglass for our evening meal! It had been rainy but we still decided to go for a walk. It is quite a small village and I'm sure would look even more picturesque on a sunny day!
Loved this!
When we came out of the restaurant after our meal I noticed an orange glow coming from behind the house opposite - walked along and saw this….
The dark clouds lit up by the sunrays was fascinating!
Ravenglass has a small railway and Roman ruins too.
The next day we spent around the castle - lots going on as it was Bank Holiday week. We were also treated to the sound of two Elizabethan musicians very so often which gave a great atmosphere  to the castle grounds(neither of us got a good photo)
The more formal gardens were beautiful with fantastic views

This was the entrance for coach house residents, past a beautiful church

The terrace walk provided the best views, the hedges are alternate Yew and Box.
At 4 o'clock each day loads (14 on the day we were there)of Herons turn up to be fed!

Once we had seen the Herons we headed off to see something I had looked forward to for a while!

This is Wast Water and was voted Britain's Favourite View!
Can you see why?
The Screes look quite dangerous
The view back the other way from the top wasn't quite as good

This was right at the top of the lake and is one of my favourite photos
We headed back alongside to a lovely pub for our evening meal.

If you would like to see why we didn't leave after checking out on the Saturday (our Anniversary) watch out for part 2! 

Thanks for looking, Chris


Artyjen said...

Ooh Wast Water looks like a bucket list destination ;) Fab photo's
xoxo Sioux

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is very impressive, Chris. I also loved the photo from Ravenglass. All those pots filled with flowers and plants. Love it.

The Castle was beautiful, as was Wast Water. But, like you, my favorite photo was the last one. Of course the owls were a close second.

What an awesome trip you two must have had.

Dianne said...

Hello Miss Chris, whoot whoot for being a Dreamboat again, I just keeep looking at the photos, A-MA-ZINGGGGG. I would have never seen this wondrous place if you didn't post them thank you for that, I can't imagine all those beautiful owls everywhere and the cranes are beautiful and so many, the one photo looks like the sky was on fire, I think where you stayed was the best room around, thanks for sharing your special trip, I can't wait for part 2, have a wonderful week.. ((( BIG HUGS)))...

Helen said...

I am even more envious now I've seen these photos, than I was last week when you said you'd been living in a castle!!
The photo of the clouds that look as if they are on fire is fabulous! Helen 14