Monday, 15 September 2014

Creative Blog Hop

I was honoured when asked by Dianne Marcoux at Magpiedi-Magpiedi if I would take part in a Creative Blog hop, because I just think she (and somebody else you may know) are the bees knees when it comes to using natural products and recycling to make wonderful art!

The first thing is to tell you a little about myself. 
I'm Chris,(sometimes known as pearshaped Chris),retired and love an adventure with my patient husband or our lovely family of 3 boys and 2 grandsons and a grandaughter(even if it's just up to our caravan)
Sometimes I get a bit too adventurous!
My favourite place of all is Paris - there's still so much to see - we've been 6 times now!
My husband, although not interested in crafting, encourages me and sometimes talks me into buying new products!
I can't really say when I started crafting - I used to say it was about six years ago but when I thought about it I used to make things with my Mum - rag rugging, cross stitch, natural dyeing, dressmaking, knitting and I was always drawing and loved Art lessons at school(my best grade at O level) Then, having become a Special Needs teacher had to get my head around Art projects too. When my Mum died I decided to try my hand at scrapbooking - and you know how one thing leads to another and I found out that I just enjoyed making things! When I met a group of ladies (Joanne,She,Gez and Lindsay) back in 2010 we became friends and I was persuaded to blog.
Two years ago we bought a flat in a retirement complex - it has altered our social lives quite a lot and there are often events that we attend. 
I also acquired a craft room (with a fold up bed for my grandchildren to stay in)although I often craft at our caravan table with it's lovely views…..

…..which as you can see influences my colour choices sometimes
I love Lynne Perrella's stamps
and Lindsay Mason's stamps

Yes I know they are totally different styles
I love to use up scraps in my journals

I love pale natural colours….
….and I also love bright colours

What am I working on now?
On my desk is something I am making for a challenge – you may be able to guess the theme…

As well as this I also have a box lid of some little brooches that I sit and make while I am watching TV
Why do I create what I do?
Usually  because I get enjoyment from sitting and creating, be it textiles or paper. I often either make or decorate little books….

….. then of course there’s my journals. My travel journals I make because they contain memories, my other journals are where I go to relax.
How does my creative process work?
If I am working in any of my other journals I just go with the flow! If it's for something like a family birthday card I try to keep the recipient in mind. I do like a challenge though – a proper challenge, something that makes me think, such as the Dragons Dream TIO. I do know that over the years I've changed my way of creating. So I’m sorry but I don’t really have an answer to that.

How do I stay focused and motivated?
Err! Me focus? I do tend to flit a bit and occasionally become frustrated when I can’t do any crafting. The times when retirees used to say that they didn’t know how they found time to work used to really annoy me – now I get it!! Once I'm in my craft room I put my music on and just play. As far as motivation goes it’s you who are reading this and will leave a comment – a little encouragement goes a long way when you are wondering what the heck you are doing!! I also have a lovely family and friends who encourage me in my efforts!

Now this is where I'm supposed to tag someone, but everyone I thought of is working hard and don't have time to take part or they have already been tagged. All I can do is guide you to some blogs that I love and hope that you enjoy them! First my great friend Sarah who makes the most fantastic journal pages, then there's Helen - for the same reason. Last of all is the person I gave a hint about at the top of the page - Elizabeth(and Bleubeard) who at the moment is taking part in a marathon of a challenge but creating the most wonderful pieces of art - as well as lots of other fabulous things to see on her blog. 
I do hope you can find time to visit any of the highlighted links!

Phew!! Sorry, I do go on a bit, hope you have enjoyed finding a little more about me - and I really would love it if you left a comment,
Thanks for looking, Chris


Dianne said...

Whoot whoot,hello Miss Chris, thanks for showing us all about you, I love you were a Special Needs teacher, that make you a very special person.. Paris, I dream of going there, how exciting 6 times. Crafting at the caravan with those gorgeous views what could be better. I looooove seeing all your creations, lots I haven't seen before, you have a wonderful eclectic art variety, I love so many thing it hard to pick a favorite. I had never been to Sarah, thanks for sharing her, and Lovely Helen who I love to visit on the Dragons Team, and Elizabeth is one of the top Deskers and a very lovely Lady. This has been a brilliant post thanks for playing along, hope you have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS )))

Redanne said...

I can only echo what Dianne has said, I loved learning lots more about you! I love Paris too but have only managed it once. Thanks for sharing your art with us too, it is lovely to see how your style changes when you do tags, journalling or card-making, quite eclectic I think! I have not visited Elizabeth for ages so must go and have a look. Lovely post Chris, look forward to seeing you at Happy Stampers! Anne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It was good "seeing" you again. I like that you are always so receptive to having your photo taken, unlike me, where Bleubeard is the face of our blog.

I love your eclectic style. It shows how diverse and clever you are. It also shows what a GOOD stamper you are. I may just swim across the ocean and visit you so I can learn to stamp properly, too (grin).

Thank you for including me in this write-up. You are too sweet. It's a bad time of year for many of us, especially with all the challenges many of us are in. I know you and Helen both sometimes post twice a day. I can't keep up with my own art, let alone find time to visit more than just my close art friends. BTW, did you get my e-mail? I've been told before it goes to people's spam box. One gal even told me it created a virus in her e-mail.

She King said...

Hello there lovely lady :) It's so lovely to find out more about you....just love looking at your ART .....I love Paris too...hoping to go back next year....Lots of love XXxxx

Juliz Design Post said...

What a great post Chris, lovely to read some more about you and revisit some of your projects.
Julie x

Julie Ann Lee said...

I so enjoyed reading this, Chris! It's great that you could take part and share your beautiful creativity and your full and interesting life! I always feel happy and uplifted after reading your posts because you live life to the full and you gain pleasure and joy from so many things! I love Paris too. I've been reading a wonderful book called 'Parisians' by Graham Robb and it's just making me long to return! xxx