Monday, 11 August 2014

Taking a long walk……..

Last week hubby and I decided to take the two grandsons away - they don't see each other much in term time and they do get on really well! We didn't expect them to settle down to sleep very quickly but thought a long walk might help for the second night! The youngest had expressed a wish to see a waterfall so this seemed a good chance to go to Ingleton where they have a Waterfall trail. We had been to Ingleton ourselves some time ago but it rained and we never got around to seeing the falls.
The weather was beautiful, sunny with a light breeze - perfect! The blurb on the leaflet said to allow at least two and a half hours but it could take up to four!!
Here is the photographic record….

A beautiful start to the walk
just right for the boys
Tree full of pennies

Cavers heaven
The first waterfall
Never mind the view - look how steep that step is!

This is me with delaying tactics - more bloomin' steps! We kept going up and down the whole way and the bottom steps are so steep!!
It was nice to get to some more even ground.

I did manage to get ahead sometimes!

              The boys found crickets along the way

Handsome isn't he? My eldest is not happy about his photograph being shown! (notice that bottom step!)

                        Nearing the top….
….so we thought. This is Thornton Force - painted by Turner

ah! ha! this must be it!
                                            Ha! not likely!

                  Wait for me!!
                  They did!

At last we reached this beautiful view and I really thought we had gone as high as we were going (by now we had been walking for about two and half hours!!)
Not quite though!
On the way down (I say down but there were still more steps to go up!)
 This was the view of the path - way over in the distance of the top part of the walk

Two sheep but before I clicked they moved!

Finally back into the village and our reward - lunch - at 3.15!!!!

Oh! You might wonder - did the boys get to sleep any quicker - you bet! So did we!! 

I ached for the next three days - slowly getting back to normal!

Thanks for looking, Chris
Oh! and…Elizabeth - I hope you enjoyed this!


Julie Lee said...

What a wonderful, if somewhat challenging, walk! And didn't you do well with all those steps! The boys look as if they had a terrific time; I bet they remember this for a long time to come! What stunning photography too! These are truly views to revel in! Took me back to being at university in Sheffield and great walking holidays in the Peaks! It's been a busy time getting my mum's bathroom done and helping her to adjust. Today I'm playing catch up! Lovely to catch up with you, as always! xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh Chris, what a wonderful view of places I'll never have the chance to visit. You had me tired, not from looking at the lovely photos, but of the long walk you had. I can't imagine doing that in one day, at least not anymore. I seem to sit far too much.

Your photos of the day were wonderful, and I really enjoyed the falls. I even learned a bit of history and geography, too. All in all, it was a beautiful visit and trip. Thanks so much for taking us along.

Artyjen said...

Wow! Fabulous views.......even though a challenging walk by the looks of it! Pity they don't have cable cars to take you to it....then you can walk down! ;) LOL
Thanks for sharing.
xoxo Sioux

Helen said...

Wow!! fantastic photos, I'm fair worn out reading about the walk - I bet you were starving when you finally got to lunch. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures .

Redanne said...

I always love seeing your photos but these are amazing, what a fantastic walk! Thanks so much for sharing as I am unlikely to be able to do a walk that long! Anne xx

Hettie said...

That looks like a fabulous walk and well worth it for the views. Well done and thanks for sharing.
Time for a cuppa now don't you think! It is Tuesday after all.

Dianne said...

Hello Miss Chris, I just want to give a great big hug, THANKS YOU for taking us on your journey and journey it was, I think you live in the most beautiful place, what wonderful memories your creating with the grand kids, PERFECT. Your photos are fantastic, I looked at them a few times :O)...

butterfly said...

What a wonderful adventure, and what lovely photos - thank you so much for sharing them.
Alison xx

crafty creations said...

What an amazing day you all had - making memories and capturing them in photos - wonderful