Saturday, 30 August 2014

Playtime (in glorious technicolour!)

The other day I had a great time with my friend Sarah - she has been following Samie Kira Harding's workshops and she shared this colour technique with me! I don't know whether I quite 'got it' but we sure had fun.
It involved using blocks of colour on our journal pages! Quite messy, using credit cards, fingers and making marks with paint - I wasn't too happy with mine but after doodling around the edges on one of the pages I am beginning to like it more!

The other page is still to be doodled on

I quite liked the patterns created on the paper I used as my palette

When I got home I 'attacked' a page in my small journal that I hadn't liked.
Still not sure!
Today I have taken a page that had spray ink on it and added some paint

Normal service will be resumed …sometime!!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Looks like it really WAS a playtime for you. What fun. I'm not sure I get what you were doing in your journal, either, but I like the palette page. I bet that will make a super fantastic background at some point. Now I want to get my paint out and play.

Debbie said...

Hi Chris....I love your pages and your colours look great. I must admit I tend to quite like the patterns that are created on my paper mats and often I keep them and use them on other journal pages. x

Redanne said...

It looks like you had lots of fun playing Chris, I do like the colourful background with the pops of white here and there - now that you know the 'how to' you can develop your own style from it. Like Elizabeth, I want to get my paints out now........ Anne xx

Sarah Anderson said...

it was a fab afternoon! And that doodling is definitely working. Loving your colour combos

butterfly said...

It looks like you had a lovely time getting inky and painty! I'm sure you'll find lots of lovely ways to develop these pages...
Alison xx

Dianne said...

Well doesn't this look like fun, beautiful colors, love the white circles, love getting messy too, thanks for sharing your fun and congrats on being a dreamboat again...Have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS )))..